26 February 2007

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16 February 2007

Savvy Stylist: Picking up boyfriend at airport

HI! I have a long distance boyfriend on the west coast and he's coming to visit me in a couple weeks. I want to look really cute when I pick him up from the airport. I'm from the midwest so it's pretty cold here. Any suggestions?

Here’s an outfit that will make your boyfriend smile from ear to ear but is sure to keep you warm. It costs just $91.05

Shirt - $6.80
Coat - $34.80
Jeans - $10.48
Purse - $6.99
Earrings - $4
Hat - $12.99
Boots - $14.99
Total = $91.05

Forever 21 at ShopStyle

14 February 2007

Savvy Stylist: Child's Birthday Party

What could I wear to a child's birthday party that is trendy but not over the top?

This outfit is casual and chic. Perfect for a child's birthday party. It costs just $86.47

Dress - $24.80
Shoes - $24.00
purse - $20.00
Bracelets - $6.80
Earrings - $10.87

Total = $86.47

Forever 21 at ShopStyle

Savvy Stylist: Downtown Club

I am going out with some friends this weekend to a nightclub downtown and I have no idea what to wear. I am hoping you can help me find something fabulous!!

This outfit is comfortable enough for a long night of dancing but is still chic and sexy. It costs just $83.18

Dress – $24.80

Necklace - $6.99

Earrings - $15.75

Shoes - $10.65

Purse - $24.99

Total = $83.18

Alfani at ShopStyle