30 March 2007

Jennifer Lopez in Eyelet Lace

JLo looks ready for spring in her crisp black and white outfit.

I do wish that the celebs would cut it out with all the black and white, though. I need some color in my life! Oh well. Here's my version of her outfit anyway:

White Eyelet Tunic, $39.50

Black Skinny Jeans, $15

Black Pumps, $14.99

Silver Bangle Set, $5.80

Hoop Earrings, $3


Britney Spears Gets Her Act Together

Looks like Brit is finally getting her act together. She's still got a way to go, but this is the cutest outfit I've seen her wear in a long, long time.

Here's my frugal version of Brit's summer ensemble:

White Strapless Dress, $44.50

White Sandals with Buckles, $12.99

Straw Hat, $15

White Sunglasses, $5.80

Brown Satchel, $15


Reader Request: Victoria Beckham

My friend the fashion critic requested that I find a frugal version of this outfit that her idol, Victoria Beckham, wore last week:

Who am I to deny Posh's biggest fan?

Heather Grey Off-The-Shoulder Tee, $32

Black Cumberbund Belt, $18

Wide Leg Black Pants, $22.80

Black Pumps, $17.99


28 March 2007

Rachel Bilson Is So Cute It Hurts To Look At Her

Seriously. The only thing that could possibly make her cuter is a smile. C'mon, Rach. Smile. For me?
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Anyway, here's my version of her outfit.

Black Turtleneck, $9.99
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Light Grey Skinny Jeans, $49
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Red Ballet Skimmers, $9.99
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Red Quilted Bag with Chain Handle, $29.99
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Amy Winehouse Looks Bad-Ass in Polka Dots

Not many of us could pull off Amy's retro pinup girl dress combined with big ratty hair and grungy eye makeup (although I happen to think it's fabulous). But this dress worn with a sweet ponytail or big, retro waves would look amazing.

Here's my frugal take on her dress, and I added some accessories as well.

Black and White Polka Dot Halter Dress, $34.99

Red Peep-Toe Pumps, $15.99

Red Clutch, $14.80

Lucite Hoop Earrings, $3.80


And if you've never heard of Amy Winehouse, check out this mini playlist.