30 June 2009

The Savvy Stylist: Job Interview

Mary Beth writes:

I'm a recent college graduate and have been applying for jobs like crazy.  I was wondering if you could help me with an outfit for interviews.  I have a business major and am applying for jobs where I will probably be best received if I am dressed more conservatively, but want to keep some "fun" in the outfit.  Also, I'm 5'9, and pants are sometimes an issue because I need extra long inseams which aren't always available.  So, possibly a skirt would work well?  What do you think?

Here's a conservative but still chic look with a feminine skirt suit for only $90.75 total.

Annalynne McCord's Style for $91.79

Black Dress $28.00

29 June 2009

The Savvy Stylist: Casual Graduation Parties

Mallory writes:

I was hoping you could give me some advice on casual but still chic summer looks for grad parties (there are always a ton to go to this time of year!) They are always in someone's backyard, so I need something relatively casual, but I still want to look hot!

Here you go - a casual but hot look for only $95.68.

Kristin Cavallari's Style for $75.29

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28 June 2009

The Savvy Stylist: Engagement Photos

Amy is getting her engagement photos taken soon, and isn't sure what to wear. She doesn't want to wear her usual jeans and top, but instead wants to wear something pretty, flowy and romantic.

Well, congrats on your engagement, Amy! I hope you like this look for only $93.27

Amanda Seyfried's Style for $94.42

Brown Cardigan $14.99

27 June 2009

The Savvy Stylist: Formal Wedding for Mom

Hayley writes:

My mom is attending a very formal wedding in August (in Texas - it will be hot, although the wedding is indoors).  Guys will be wearing tuxes, what is an appropriate ensemble for her? Comfortable shoes would be a plus, and she loves wearing long dresses.

I hope your mom likes this look! It's only $89.58 and it's formal, age-appropriate, and comfortable.

Sarah Michelle Gellar's Style for $89.28

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26 June 2009

The Savvy Stylist: New York, New York

Charlee writes:

I just graduated High School and I am going to NYC in July with my best friend. So I need a cute NYC look. I like to dress very high fashion, almost edgy but I don't have a ton of money.

Here's an edgy look for your NYC trip for only $99.48. I hope that you like it!

Camilla Belle's Style for $99.77

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25 June 2009

The Savvy Stylist: "Freaky" 80's Party

Pia writes:

In two weeks I will visit a big party-concert in my hometown where many of my old acquaintances will be. The party is called “Battle of Trash” and the gag is we all dress up very freaky and more in the 80’s style. But I want to look freaky in a stylish way, to show all of them that I have grown up during the last year. 

This is another fun one! So here's a freaky-stylish 80's look for only $66.20.

Selena Gomez's Style for $94.28

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24 June 2009

The Savvy Stylist: Sister's Graduation

Ginylei writes:

I'm going to my sister's graduation and I bought this dress from American Apparel. I bought it because I thought it was cute and I thought I can put it into use in special events like this one. After buying it, I realized that I need to accessorize to jazz it up a bit. I was hoping that maybe you can help me find a way to turn my plain blue dress to a very classy one. I am open to anything.

Here you go, a classy look for only $82.08 (not including the dress).

Andrea Bowen's Style for $72.89

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23 June 2009

The Savvy Stylist: Meeting the Parents (and the Ex!)

Alyssa writes:

I am 19, typically conservative and classy but I do tend to step it up every now and then by being risky. I am going out of town next weekend  to visit my boyfriend for 3 days and I am needing to look my best all 3 days. His family and ex-girlfriend  will be there and I am needing to put my best fashion sense forward! I love dresses so if all of your answers are dresses, I would be perfectly okay with it!

Here's an evening look for only $87.78 which will impress the parents and make the ex-girlfriend jealous. I hope you like it! 

Kelly Ripa's Style for $88.95

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22 June 2009

The Savvy Stylist: Brown Wedge Sandals

Kesha writes:

I have a birthday coming up soon and I'm looking for the perfect bday outfit. Something cute, sleek, but causal. I found these shoes at Steve Madden and I'm loving them. I'm just having trouble finding a cute outfit to wear with them. Please help!

Kesha, those sandals are fabulous! Please post a link to them so that I can buy them for myself!

Here is a look for you for only $98.95, not including those amazing shoes!

Ashley Greene's Style for $95.28

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21 June 2009

The Savvy Stylist: 24 Hour Flight (Yikes!)

Lisa writes:

I am going to be flying to Australia in July. Do you have any ideas for a comfortable yet chic outfit for the 24 hour flight? Keep in mind, I have a 1 year-old so that will be an added challenge the whole time! Plus it's summer here but it will be winter there (more like New England fall weather). Thanks for your help!

Lisa, I hope this is chic enough for you, because I'll tell you what: I travel for work all the time and I prefer function over fashion for flying! So while this may not be the most elegant ensemble, it's almost as comfortable as pajamas but much more stylish. This layered look with comfy shoes comes in at only $99.31.

Jessica Szohr's Style for $90.29

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20 June 2009

The Savvy Stylist: Make Him Regret It!

A reader writes:

After five perfect years of love, my fiancĂ© left me, just 7 days after we got engaged. It's been 2 months now, and I haven't seen him since we broke up. One of our friends is having her 25 birthday party at the end of June, and I want to be be absolutely stunning! I don't want him back, I just want him to regret his decision. 

My style : although he always wanted me to be "conservative" (so boring), I am a mix between Mischa Barton, Scarlett Johansson and SJP! I was thinking of a very sophisticated and sexy look, but still chic. Please help me!!!!!

Ooh, this one is going to be fun! Here's a look for $98.78.  It's flirty and shows off some skin, but it's not overly sexual or revealing. I hope that you like it!

Nikki Reed's Style for $99.79

Reader Request

19 June 2009

The Savvy Stylist: An Evening Wedding

Bukola has an evening wedding to attend and purchased this dress at Target. She says:

I was wondering what you would suggest to dress it up for an evening wedding if it's possible? Or should I go back for the black version of the dress? If you have another budget suggestion I would be glad to see it too.

Well, Bukola, while that dress from Target is lovely, I think it's more suited for a daytime wedding than an evening affair. So I put together an affordable, appropriate look for $87.73.

Kristen Stewart's Style for $92.44

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18 June 2009

The Savvy Stylist: Swanky Fundraising Event

A reader writes:

I volunteer with a great organization that is about to hold a fundraiser event at a swanky nightclub, complete with a silent auction, contortionists and other live entertainment. I'll be helping out at the event. Here's my problem. I have no idea what to wear. I'll need something fairly comfortable that breathes. Here's the other problem. I'm curvy - ridiculously so. I need a dress that will be fairly conservative - meaning no boobs exploding or seams busting around the hips. Can you offer any suggestions?

Here you go - a sophisticated and conservative but chic look for only $99.89.

Jessica Biel's Style for $92.64

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17 June 2009

The Savvy Stylist: San Francisco Barbecue

Anne writes:

I will be attending my niece's 2 birthday party mid-July. It will be at my sister-in-law's house. I am not sure what exactly she is planning (most likely a barbecue) but even though it is summer time, I live in San Francisco where it is on the chilly side. I am open for most looks, except for shorts & layering pieces (for the fog) would be great!

Here's a versatile, casual look for $99.24

Kate Beckinsale's Style for $90.68

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16 June 2009

The Savvy Stylist: Airport to Rehearsal Dinner

One reader writes:
Hi I have a major dilemma and i need your help ASAP!!! My best friend from college is getting married in New York THIS WEEKEND. Though the wedding is a big, formal affair, she is going "recessionista chic" for the rehearsal and having a paella/sangria outdoor shindig at her parents' house. I'm having a really hard time settling an outfit for the rehearsal. Why so difficult? Here's the problem: I am flying in from Denver that day and I will have to hightail it directly from the airport to the church for rehearsal, directly to her parent's house in Rye for the rehearsal Dinner. Ahhh! Planes, rental cars, stale skin, and flat hair! Oh my! I need a reasonably priced outfit (I'm a grad school student) that is comfortable enough to travel in but chic enough to sip sangria next to city girl elites. I won't have time to iron or steam so I need something that can last. I hope you can help!! Thanks so much!

I've got two very important words for you: knit dress. A knit dress will be comfy enough for a long flight (and bonus: it won't wrinkle) but chic enough for the rehearsal. Here's a look I've put together for you for just $75.23.

Kristin Cavallari's Style for $87.30

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15 June 2009

The Savvy Stylist: Pink Converse High-Tops

Claire writes:

I need some advice! I have a pair of shoes I absolutely love (Pink High-Top Converse), but have a few things I need help pairing them with... I am going to a party and it's a casual thing...but a lot of people are wearing dresses. I would love to wear a dress also...but my Pink Converse High-tops have to fit in. (Keep in mind that I am only a teenager). I am also really into Kristen Stewart's clothing style, and would love to incorporate her style into the outfit as well.

Here you go, Claire, an age-appropriate, Kristen Stewart-inspired look for $91.59 (not including the sneaks, which you already own).

Sienna Miller's Style for $97.85

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14 June 2009

The Savvy Stylist: A Casual First Date

An anonymous reader has a casual first date with a guy from her school:

We're going out for drinks at a casual, summery bar in my town and then a movie  and I know I'm going with jeans, but I don't know how far to dress up the look. I don't want to look TOO put together and overdone, and I don't want to show up looking too dressed down. Any tips?

Here's a flirty but low-key look for $89.68. I even included a cardigan for the cold movie theater, but I recommend that you leave it off in the bar!

Hilary Duff's Style for $95.98

Reader Request

13 June 2009

The Savvy Stylist: Sex and the City Party

Kirsten writes:

My friend is having a Sex and the City costume party in a few weeks, and I'm stuck on what to be. I predict that almost everyone will dress up like Carrie, so I'd rather be unique and dress like Charlotte. She's more my style anyway, as I'm a bit conservative. Can you help me find an outfit that I can wear as Charlotte? I have a large chest, so nothing strapless, please (although spaghetti straps will work). Thanks!

Here you go, a Charlotte-esque look for just $93.79.

Ashley Tisdale's Style for $98.28

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11 June 2009

The Savvy Stylist: L.A. Days

Jessie writes:

I'm going to Los Angeles for the first time ever in a few weeks and I have no idea what to wear! I live in Ohio where I usually just wear jeans, tanks and flip-flops in the summer, but I want to fit in with the L.A. natives. Can you help? I need some cheap daytime looks and maybe an outfit to wear to a club at night.

Jessie, you're in luck because I just got back from L.A. so the style is fresh in my mind. Here's an easy, breezy daytime look for $85.08, and stay tuned tomorrow because I'll have a nighttime look for you, too!

Emmy Rossum's Look for $93.63

10 June 2009

The Savvy Stylist: The Casual Guy

You wouldn't believe how many requests I get for male celeb looks. It's difficult, though, as there aren't as many affordable men's stores online as there are women's stores. But I'd be happy to put together some looks for men once in a while.

This first male look is dedicated to my own boyfriend, a guy who never, ever wears anything besides an obscure indie-rock tee, a black hoodie, ripped jeans, and sneakers. His office is super-casual so he doesn't really require anything dressier, but once in a while, I'd like it if he looked a bit more dapper when we went out for dinner and drinks. Does this sound like any men that you know?

I'd never ask him to step completely out of his comfort zone, but here's a slightly more polished, yet still very casual look for $87.76. I used a plain white tee, but this blazer and jeans combo would work over an indie rock tee, too!

Selena Gomez's Look for $93.29

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09 June 2009

The Savvy Stylist: Plus-Sized Business Casual

Denise writes:

I love your blog, but I wish you'd feature some looks for plus-sized women. Not all of us are built like celebrities! 

And Hayley writes:

My office has recently instituted casual Fridays, yay! We're allowed to wear jeans, but still have to look polished and professional. Can you help me come up with a plus-sized outfit that's okay to wear on casual Friday, please?

Here you go, Denise and Hayley, a plus-sized business casual look for only $82.97.

Mila Kunis' Look for $99.79

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08 June 2009

Regarding Reader Requests

Hi, everyone!

First off, I'd like to give a big THANK YOU to everyone who has contacted me with a request to recreate a look for under $100. I really appreciate everyone's interest and enthusiasm.

I've got a folder on my desktop filled with everyone's requests, and believe me, I am trying my best to take care of them. Some of them are more challenging than others, but I'm not going to give up! I'll do my best to get to all of them eventually, I promise.

However, there are some photos that are unusable on my site, unfortunately. I can't use the following photos:

Pics that have a watermark. See where it says "X17 Online" across Miley's legs? That means that the photo isn't public domain and I'm not allowed to use it for this site, unfortunately. In fact, I shouldn't even be using it for this demonstration!

Pics that don't show the entire outfit. I put together whole outfits on this site so if I can't see the pants or shoes, I can't recreate the big picture.
(Incidentally, I did recreate this outfit last year. Check it out here).

Pics that are too small. I think that Kate Beckinsale is wearing a cute outfit in this photo, but it's too teeny for me to see the details!

So, keep the requests coming! I love getting them and I enjoy the challenge!

Thanks for reading and please comment with any suggestions.


The Savvy Stylist: High School Graduation

Jackie is graduating high school next week - congrats! But she's required to wear an outfit outside of her comfort zone and needs some help. She writes:

My graduation gown is white and fairly see-through, so I need to wear something pale underneath, and they want us to wear pale shoes, too. I don't wear pale colors that often (I prefer black and jewel tones) so I'm kind of stuck and have no idea what I'm supposed to wear! It's going to be hot, so I want to stay cool, and I'll be standing for a while, so I'll need comfy shoes.

Here's an idea for you, Jackie, for only $90.64

Demi Lovato's Look for $97.84

Reader Request

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07 June 2009

The Savvy Stylist: Hippie Party

Melissa writes:

I've been invited to a hippie costume party, which I think will be so much fun. The only thing is, my cousin's graduation barbecue is the same night. I'm going to have to go right from the barbecue to the party and I won't have time to change, so I need something that's hippie enough for the costume party, but not so costumey that I feel like a fool at my family's barbecue. Can you help?

Of course I can, Melissa! Here's a bohemian yet accessible look for just $96.28.