30 December 2009

Lauren Conrad's Style for $99.38

The Savvy Stylist: New Year's Eve Nanny

Candy writes:

I've got a bit of a request for New Year's Eve. I work full time as a nanny and I'm also a full time student (so cash is rather tight). I just found out that I will be working New Years Eve, but instead of staying at home with the little girl we are invited along with her parents to a very very very nice hotel in downtown Dallas where the parents will be partying away the year in a huge ball room while the nannies and other children are in suites above. Now, this party is being hosted by the CEO of my bosses company, so obviously I need to be ultra presentable as not to look bad for my family and stand up to everyone's praises as their "super nanny!" Key here is obviously mobility (flats?) and the ability to play with the kids... Any help you could give would be fantastic!

I think that this look will be perfectly appropriate. It's professional and polished but still festive enough for the holiday. It costs $99.80.

5 Under $50: Bright Colors from Free People

I just love Free People's festive, brightly colored items. Here are some of my favorites.

Click to Buy:
Top $49.95
Shoes $49.95
Skirt $48.00
Belt $9.95
Hat $19.95

Kristin Cavallari's Style for $96.84

Reader Request

29 December 2009

Jessica Szohr's Style for $98.09

Reader Request

The Savvy Stylist: Outdoor January Wedding

Katie writes:

I am attending an outdoor garden wedding in Florida in January. I live in Chicago, and my winter style is totally not helpful for Florida. I have a wool coat that I will probably be wearing during the ceremony if it's cold, but the reception is indoors, and, anyway, what do you wear in a garden in January? My style is pretty, feminine, and classic - I love A-line silhouettes and glam accessories. Any ideas?

I hope this ensemble is stylish and appropriate enough for you. It costs $92.19.

5 Under $50: Flat Shoes

This one is a reader request from Rinku who writes:

Due to recent leg problems, I have been forbidden by doctors to wear heels for a few years! I like wearing skirts and dresses and usually wear heels with them so the new rule lands me in a quandary. Can you give me suggestions on what shoes (not more than 1.5" heels) I can wear with my short skits and dresses (mostly LBDs). For flats, I typically wear ballet flats which I love! I am on a budget crunch right now and am looking to buy 5-6 pairs of shoes that can be worn with anything and everything. Can you suggest something?

Here are five pairs of shoes that I hope work for you - they're all under $50 apiece and will go with everything!

Vanessa Hudgens' Style for $97.97

28 December 2009

Rachel Bilson's Style for $85.48

The Savvy Stylist: New Year's Day Parade

Karrie writes:

I'm meeting up with a bunch of friends on New Year's Day to watch the Mummer's Parade in Philadelphia, and this guy I really like is going to be there. Can you suggest something to wear that's warm but cute? I have plenty of handbags to carry, so don't worry about finding one of those. I just need everything else.

Cheers to another Philly girl! I think this outfit will be perfect for New Year's Day. It costs $97.30

My Favorite Things: Featured on The Look 4 Less

The Look 4 Less is one of my favorite budget fashion blogs. Jen has a great eye for finding designer knockoffs and inspired-by versions of expensive items for a steal.

This holiday season, she featured some Favorite Things lists from some other fashion bloggers, and I was featured last week!

Check out my list and spend some time browsing through The Look 4 Less. You won't regret it!

5 Under $50: Blue Suede Shoes

Yes, it's one of Elvis' greatest songs, but blue suede shoes are also one of my favorite current trends. Blue is one of the hottest colors this season, whether it's navy, cobalt or teal, and suede is perfect for the winter chill. Here are some of my favorite affordable blue suede shoes.

Alicia Keys' Style for $91.79

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25 December 2009

Happy Holidays from Fashion Under $100!

I'll be taking a couple of days off to celebrate the holidays so I just wanted to say THANK YOU for reading and have a wonderful (and fashionable) holiday! I'll be back on Sunday with all new looks for less and Savvy Stylist requests.

22 December 2009

Leigh Lezark's Style for $92.75

Reader Request

The Savvy Stylist: A Red Bridesmaid Dress

Nathalie writes:

In February, I'm going to be a bridesmaid for my cousin. The wedding is on Valentine's Day weekend and she's asked that we wear short red dresses with black and silver accents, but the rest is up to us. She told us that she'd provide evening bags but I need everything else. I'm pretty clueless with fashion, so can you help me put something together?

This look is perfect for the wedding: festive and romantic and only $99 even!

Holiday Gift Guide: The Snow Bunny

Here are five adorable, affordable gifts for the snow bunny in your life - that lady who loves to ski, snowboard, or just frolic in the white stuff.

Jessica Alba's Style for $99.48

21 December 2009

Gwen Stefani's Style for $96.99

The Savvy Stylist: First Date

Betsy writes:

I joined an online dating service a few months ago and finally met a guy that I really like. We're supposed to meet up in person between Christmas and New Year's, but I'm nervous - I haven't been on a date since my divorce and I have no idea what to wear. I think we're just going someplace casual to get a drink. Can you help?

I hope you'll both like this casual look. It costs just $99.54.

Holiday Gift Guide: The Traveler

I think we all know that lucky lady who always seems to be traveling the world. Here are some fashionable but frugal gifts that she can wear all over the world.

Ali Larter's Style for $93.96

20 December 2009

Kim Kardashian's Style for $99.61

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The Savvy Stylist: New Year's Eve Proposal

Michele writes:

My boyfriend and I are spending New Year's Eve up in Monterey. He made a reservation at a very fancy restaurant and he's been dropping hints that he's going to propose! I'm a grad student so I usually just bum around in jeans and sweatshirts, but I want to look amazing and romantic for him! Can you suggest an outfit for me?

Congrats on the upcoming proposal! I hope you and your future fiance love this look. It costs $93.30.

Holiday Gift Guide: The Business Casual Guy

Here are some gifts for the professional man in your life.

Vanessa Hudgens' Style for $95.72

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19 December 2009

January Jones' Style for $90.15

The Savvy Stylist: New Year's Eve in Times Square

Jenna writes:

I'm spending New Year's Eve with my friends who live in New York City and we're going to hang out in Times Square to watch the ball drop. I just bought myself an adorable coat from Nordstrom, but I'd like something cute but warm and comfortable to wear underneath it. What do you suggest? By the way, I'm plus-sized so if you could pick out something that comes in larger sizes, I'd appreciate it.

I hope you like this outfit I put together. It costs $98.97, not including that amazing coat!

Holiday Gift Guide: 80's Fan

Here are five affordable gifts for the girl who can't get enough of the 80's trends that are so popular today.

Natalie Portman's Style for $95.67

Reader Request

18 December 2009

Jessica Simpson's Style for $98.10

Reader Request

The Savvy Stylist: Christmas in Buenos Aires

Andrea writes:

My husband has family in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and we're going to spend Christmas with them. It's summer there, and I'm not sure what to wear on Christmas day, as I'm from New England and I'm used to being freezing! Can you help me with a festive warm-weather Christmas outfit?

This look should be perfect for you. It costs just $94.34.

Holiday Gift Guide: The Young Professional Woman

Here are some chic and polished looks for the professional woman in your life. Everything here costs $50 or less!

Katherine Heigl's Style for $98.98

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