31 March 2010

Katherine Heigl's Style for $97.50

Reader Request

The Savvy Stylist: Forever 21 Career Style

Reader Request:

I recently won a raffle for a $100 Forever 21 gift card. It’s exciting, but the problem is, Forever 21 has very trendy items and I’m more of a “classic” type (think Banana Republic, J. Crew, etc.) I work in an office and am always looking for more work clothes. Can you help me put together a look from Forever 21 that’s mature and classy?

Beth, I used to have the same thoughts about Forever 21, but I think this outfit for only $98.80 proves the versatility of their selection. And this is just the beginning; you'll be amazed at the classic and work appropriate styles they offer for the more mature.

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5 Under $50: Safari Style

Every season has its new interpretation of the safari look. Here's this season's greatest pieces for those of us on a budget.

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Vanessa Minillo's Style for $97.89

30 March 2010

Jessica Stam's Style for $93.52

Reader Request

The Savvy Stylist: Family Photos

A request from our reader:

My family is having a photographer come in and take new family pictures... Our color scheme is kiwi green, light blue, and marine blue - almost a Caribbean theme. I'm supposed to wear white with accents of blues and green. I'm at a loss...

We think this outfit gives the perfect island vibe, fits your family color scheme and should photograph well. Total cost is $98.63.

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5 Under $50: Charitable Fashion

Sometimes shopping can mean more than a great new bag or t-shirt; sometimes it can help give back to those in need or show your support for a great cause. Here's some fashionable items that fit the bill.

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Whitney Port's Style for $93.75

29 March 2010

Teri Hatcher's Style for $96.30

The Savvy Stylist: Night at the Ballet

Reader Request:

I'm going to visit my cousin in San Francisco in a few weeks and we're going to the ballet. We're going out to dinner beforehand and drinks afterwards. I'd like to look chic and sophisticated but not overly dressy. I'm not sure what I should wear - do you have any suggestions?

This outfit will to from restaurant to theater to lounge and look fabulous everywhere you go. It costs only $93.49.

5 Under $50: White House Black Market

White and black never go out of style, and one of the best places to find these colors or any combination of them is White House Black Market. The great pieces below show that black and white are anything but basic.

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America Ferrera's Style for $95.56

Reader Request

26 March 2010

Jennifer Aniston's Style for $98.75

Reader Request

The Savvy Stylist: Easter Party

Reader Request:

I always use your site for ideas when I’m planning my outfits and for once couldn’t find anything that fit what I needed so I thought I’d send an email request. I’m going to an adult-only Easter party and the requested attire is “anything having to do with Easter or pastels.” It’s very casual so I was just looking for something comfortable and fun. I’m sure you’ll come up with the perfect outfit!

I hope you like this look - it costs just $87.83.

5 Under $50: Harem Pants

Tired of wearing jeans and black pants? Spice up your Spring wardrobe with harem pants. In so many shapes and styles, almost everyone can wear them in some form now.

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Kim Kardashian's Style for $98.79

25 March 2010

Jessica Biel's Style for $94.96

The Savvy Stylist: Housewarming Party

Reader Request:

I am throwing a housewarming on Saturday night with friends and co-workers. I am 15 weeks pregnant and have a tiny bump but am not yet in maternity clothes - I need something chic and fun to wear while I drink my mocktails - we can go casual or a little dressier. Any suggestions?

This look will flatter your bump while being comfy yet chic, and it costs only $88.79.

5 Under $50: Essential Shoe Wardrobe

When building your basic wardrobe, don't forget shoes! Here's five classic must haves for every woman at affordable prices.

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Victoria Beckham's Style for $96.39

Reader Request

24 March 2010

Anna Kendrick's Style for $98.79

Reader Request

The Savvy Stylist: Trip to Dallas

Reader Request:

I'm heading to Dallas next week to visit some friends and I want to put together a cute outfit to wear out to dinner. The weather is kind of unpredictable so I'd like to wear layers, and I like bright colors. Can you help?

Here's a look that is fun and stylish, but versatile. The whole shebang costs just $92.29

5 Under $50: Corset Tops

These corset tops are fun and flirty without being over the top. Pair them with jeans for the weekend, a skirt for an evening out, or a great pair of trousers for work.

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Marion Cotillard's Style for $88.94

Reader Request

23 March 2010

Amanda Seyfried's Style for $89.50

The Savvy Stylist: Bachelorette Party

Reader Request: I'm looking for an outfit appropriate for my girlfriends bachelorette night out in New Orleans in April. It won't be sleazy, we are in our early 30s, but I want to look flirty & cute. I've got an athletic body, but a big booty that means I'm a 10/12 on bottom and a medium on top. Oh and we've been asked to wear black or a dark color.

We hope you love the outfit we've picked for your fun and flirty thirties night out. Its got just enough sparkle for New Orleans and is still tasteful and meets the dark color requirements. The entire outfit can be yours for just $86.37.

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5 Under $50: One Shoulder Dresses

Get one of Spring's hottest trends on a budget - here's five great one shoulder dresses in casual or dressy styles.

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Kate Bosworth's Style for $97.70

Reader Request

22 March 2010

Katie Holmes' Style for $97.28

The Savvy Stylist: Work to Runway

Reader request: In a few days I´ll be attending to a runway show I was invited to at a very prestigious convention center. I´ll have to go there straight from the office, and I won´t have time to change. So basically I need an outfit that is "business like" enough for the office, but also fashionable enough for the show.

Here's a dress that will be perfect for the work day when topped with the cardigan, and trendy enough for the show without the sweater. Black pumps with a hint of shine finish off the outfit day and night at a total of $96.93.

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5 Under $50: Drapey Dresses

Want to look boho chic for spring but feel as comfortable as if you were wearing your sweatpants? Drapey dresses are the answer. You can find them in brights, prints, and just about any fabric, but here are 5 of our faves all under $50.

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Rachel Bilson's Style for $96.53

19 March 2010

Kylie Minogue's Style for $95.99

The Savvy Stylist: Birthday Dinner

Reader Request: I will be celebrating my 26th birthday in a few weeks and I'm going out to dinner with my girlfriends and need a fabulous outfit. I love colors, greens and blues. I'm tall with long blond hair.

Here's a great outfit perfect for your birthday dinner in all your favorite colors complete with accessories for just $77.96.

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5 Under $50: Pencil Skirts

The must have skirt to build your basics wardrobe - the classic pencil skirt. Great for work in a black seasonless fabric or flattering for play in a dark denim, the pencil skirt can be worn in so many ways.

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Jessica Simpson's Style for $98.58

18 March 2010

Mischa Barton's Style for $94.50

Reader Request

The Savvy Stylist: Carnivale Formal Party

Reader Request: I was invited to a masquerade ball at an embassy in late April and need a black tie appropriate gown to wear with a Venetian style Carnivale mask.

What a perfect event to have a little bit of fun with your attire. The dress is colorful and classy, and flattering to a larger bust, and the shoe meets your need for a low heel. This festive outfit can be yours for a total cost of just $92.77, mask included!

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5 Under $50: Black Pants

Another classic piece that is a must have for every woman - black pants. Multiple pairs in different shapes, fabrics, and cuts are a bonus. Here are 5 affordable pairs that would make a great addition to any closet.

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Carrie Underwood's Style for $90.28

Reader Request

17 March 2010

Eva Mendes' Style for $87.70

The Savvy Stylist: London Formal

Reader Request: I am studying abroad in England this summer, but I'm not sure what to wear. I know I'll need a more formal outfit for a few night events would be fantastic. Your help on this outfit would be wonderful! Thanks so much!

Here's one dressy look based on the little black dress for just $97.34. This perfect LBD is fashionable but will allow you to work many different looks for evening and keep your packing light.

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5 Under $50: The White Shirt

Every now and again its good to get back to basics... one must have basic is the classic white shirt. These white blouses are all at a great price and offer a little style.

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Natalie Portman's Style for $94.40

16 March 2010

Angie Harmon's Style for $99.28

The Savvy Stylist: London Casual

Reader Request: I am studying abroad in England this summer, but I'm not sure what to wear. I know I'll need a great casual outfit for walking around London. Thanks so much!

Here's a comfortable walking outfit that will take you through many occassions looking cute for only $99.48.

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5 Under $50: Tudor Inspired

As I wait for The Tudors to come back to Showtime this April, I'm inspired to bring the romantic and edgy look in to my every day wardrobe. Here's some easy ways to add a dash to yours.

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Kate Gosselin's Style for $98.80

Reader Request