30 April 2010

Nikki Reed's Style for $95.91

Reader Request

The Savvy Stylist: Second "First" Date

Reader Request

About six months ago, I got in touch with my high school boyfriend on Facebook. He moved across the country almost ten years ago and we haven't seen each other since, although our breakup was amicable. We've been emailing for the past few months and we've really connected again. In a few weeks, he's coming to my city for a business trip, and we're going to meet for dinner and drinks. I'm really, really excited to see him in person again, and I want to look my best, but I am a jeans girl through and through. Can you help me figure out something to wear that's casual but that will still blow his mind?

I think this outfit will be perfect for your date with your ex. It's casual yet sexy - but not too sexy - and costs only $94.44. I hope you guys have a great time!

5 Under $50: Flat Studded Sandals

We're loving studded sandals for spring. They're edgy, comfy, and they go with everything! Here are five of our favorites.

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Brown/Turquoise $39.00
Navy $35.50
Tan $19.99
Red $39.00
Black $47.35


Selena Gomez's Style for $97.99

29 April 2010

Hilary Duff's Style for $97.99

The Savvy Stylist: Salsa Club

Reader Request

In a few weeks, I'm going out to a salsa club with some girlfriends, and I'm clueless as to what to wear! I want to fit in and look stylish, but still be comfortable enough to dance the night away. Any suggestions?

This flirty dress will twirl beautifully when you spin on the dance floor. The whole outfit costs just $98.04.

5 Under $50: Crochet

Crochet is the perfect spring and summertime trend - it's cool, breezy and bohemian. Here are five beautiful crochet pieces that won't break the bank.

Gwyneth Paltrow's Style for $94.30

Reader Request

28 April 2010

Anne Hathaway's Style for $97.65

The Savvy Stylist: Wedding at an Estate

Reader Request

I'm attending an evening wedding at an estate in June, and I have no idea what to wear. We are close friends with the groom's family and they are VERY stylish but somewhat conservative. I can't have anything too brightly colored or flashy, but classy and sophisticated would be best. Any help that you might be able to give me would be hugely appreciated! Thanks so much!

This look is very elegant and sophisticated in a timeless way. I think your friends will all be very impressed. Best of all, it costs just $95.72.

5 Under $50: Nautical Stripes

Nautical stripes are one of those classic styles that are always en vogue. They can be preppy, edgy, feminine or sporty. Here are some of our favorites for under $50:

Kate Beckinsale's Style for $96.74

27 April 2010

Scarlett Johansson's Style for $99.94

Reader Request

The Savvy Stylist: Winery Event

Reader Request

I am a mid-20 something in a major management role at work. I have a HUGE event in 2 days and I need to find a classy yet professional outfit. I work at a winery in Napa and am putting together a 300+ person outdoor event. I need a spring outfit that will show my authority yet have a playful twist (I mean let's face it, I am only 25) What do I wear? it supposed to be in the mid 70's and sunny!

This look is professional and classy but still young and stylish. It costs only $92.53.

5 Under $50: Solid Maxi Dresses

My favorite thing about maxi dresses is how easy they are to wear - they're comfortable, they're versatile, and they're adorable. Here are five gorgeous maxis, all under fifty bucks!

Kirsten Dunst's Style for $87.98

26 April 2010

Annalynne McCord's Style for $99.14

Reader Request

The Savvy Stylist: Day at the Theme Park

Reader Request

I am having a problem. A couple of my friends and I are going to a theme park at the end of the month and I have no idea what to wear. I know its going to be hot during the day and a bit chilly at night. I need an outfit that is comfy, edgy, and will dry easily after getting in a water ride. I am pretty open but my style is very edgy and rocker chic.

This look will be comfy enough to spend the day at the park, but stylish enough for your rocker chick sensibilities. You can keep the jacket in your bag and throw it on when it gets cool. I skipped the jewelry because you'd probably have to take it off for the rides. The whole look costs only $91.39.

5 Under $50: Shop Suey Boutique

Shop Suey is an online retailer that sells trendy yet classic accessories. They offer jewelry, scarves and sunglasses, but what they excel at are trendy, designer-inspired bags. Here are some of our affordable favorites:

Selma Blair's Style for $98.92

23 April 2010

Taylor Swift's Style for $99.64

Reader Request

The Savvy Stylist: Formal Events for a Young Teacher

Reader Request:

I'm a young high school teacher (just turned 24) and I have to go to TWO fancy events for my school: the military ball and prom. I need two formal outfits that will set me apart from the students (I am frequently mistaken for them) while still being youthful- I don't want to look matronly! I'm in Houston so it's likely to be hot when I leave for the event, but cold inside since they'll be blasting the A/C. Any help would be super appreciated!

The first outfit is for the military ball. There may not be much to it, but the items pack a punch. It's chic but so elegant that you will not be confused for a student, and the top of the dress will keep you covered in the A/C! This outfit only costs $100 (on the nose!)

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This outfit is for the prom. It's trendy, but its sophistication will set you apart once again. The dress is also very versatile for future use (and the long sleeves will keep you warm)! This look is only $93.65.

5 Under $50: Vintage Inspired Cuffs

Cuff bracelets are very trendy for spring. To really accessorize an outfit, we like a big, vintage style bracelet.

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Charlize Theron's Style for $63.63

Reader Request

22 April 2010

Molly Sims' Style for $96.60

Reader Request

The Savvy Stylist: Colorado Wedding

Reader Request:

My boyfriend's sister is getting married in Aspen, CO in September. I need help finding an appropriate outfit to wear please! The ceremony will be outside and I get cold pretty easily. I'm open to anything but am leaning towards a classic, sophisticated style.

Here's a classic pants look to help you stay warm and look sophisticated with a lace jacket that can be taken off inside for only $99.70

The Savvy Stylist: College Graduation

Reader Request

I'm graduating college in a few weeks and I'm not sure what to wear under my gown. After graduation, I'm going out to a fancy dinner with my family and then to a big party at a friend's house, and I won't have time to change. I need something that will be versatile enough for all three events, and comfortable enough to wear all day and night. Also, I'm in southern Florida, so it's going to be pretty warm.

Congrats on your upcoming graduation! This look will be comfy enough to wear for hours and hours, and stylish enough to go to all of our events. It comes in at just $97.29.

5 Under $50: Simply Vera Wang

Another affordable designer line we're loving right now is Simply Vera Wang at Kohl's...if only it included wedding gowns! Here's a few of our top picks under $50 from the line for Spring.

Buy It Here:

Audrina Patridge's Style for $99.05

21 April 2010

Jennifer Hudson's Style for $95.75

The Savvy Stylist: First Date

Reader Request:

I have a first date with a guy this weekend and I'm completely lost on what to wear! I want to be chic for the dinner but comfortable for the Florence and the Machine concert afterwards, all while still looking girly. Can you please help me?

Yes, ma’am! The flats are cute and flattering, but will last you through hours of dancing. The dress will look pretty and flirty at dinner, but will move even better when you’re dancing as well, and if you get hot you can always take off your blazer. The whole look is perfect for a first date, very affordable at $87.19 and the items are so versatile you’ll use them all again!

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Floral Dress $19.80

Hoop Earrings $32.00

Pointed Flats $12.50

Gold Ring $16.91

Shrunken Blazer $5.98


Styled by Anna

5 Under $50: Cancer Awareness Month

In honor of cancer awareness month, here are five pink ribbon accessories, including one for the guys, under $50 to show your support.

Gwyneth Paltrow's Style for $92.97

20 April 2010

Whitney Port’s Style for $98.76

Reader Request


Styled by Anna


The Savvy Stylist: Sophomore Cotillion

Reader Request:

My sophomore cotillion is coming up at the end of this month. It's basically like a prom, but a little bit less dressy. My mom said she'd give me $100 to spend on my outfit, so can you help me pick one out? I want to wear a short dress in pink, if possible. Also, there is a dress code and we have to have our shoulders covered. Can you help me?

Here's an ensemble that features a flirty pink dress with sparkly silver accessories. This look costs only $80.69

5 Under $50: Loved by Heidi Klum Maternity

Not to leave the moms to be out of the affordable designer trend, Loved by Heidi Klum is available at Motherhood Maternity at great prices. Here are some great summer pieces for all the hot moms.

Buy It Here:

Kate Walsh's Style for $90.10

Reader Request

19 April 2010

Kylie Minogue's Style for $95.94

The Savvy Stylist: Speech Competition

Reader Request

I'm participating in a French speech competition and I just got past regionals, now I'm going to the Provincial competition. For regionals, I wore a high-waisted blue and black dress. The outfit should be dressy and professional, while not being over-dressed. Do you have any suggestions to what I should wear?

Good luck at the competition! This look is polished and chic, but still feminine and fashionable. It costs only $99.77.

Shop Now:
Cardigan $24.80
Skirt $16.99
Shoes $15.00
Bag $24.98
Earrings $18.00


5 Under $50: Jean Paul Gaultier for Target

It's hard to keep up with all of the designers doing affordable lines for department stores now, which is a good thing! One of our favorite for spring is Jean Paul Gaultier for Target, especially his trendy and fun dresses. Here are our top five picks:

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Kate Bosworth's Style for $94.68

Reader Request

16 April 2010

Jessica Alba's Style for $97.94

The Savvy Stylist: Karaoke Contest

Reader Request:

I was in a karaoke contest at a bar last week and I made it to the finals! If I win next week, I'll get an all-expenses paid trip to a resort in Mexico. When I perform next week, I want to look HOT! Can you help me find something affordable to wear on stage? I'm not afraid to show some skin, hahaha!

All eyes will be on you in this outfit, which costs only $90.05. And good luck in the contest!

5 Under $50: Drawstring Bags

Drawstring bags are the perfect shape for spring and summer - slouchy, and easygoing. Here are a few of my favorites:

Selena Gomez's Style for $97.05

15 April 2010

Ashlee Simpson's Style for $98.48

Reader Request

The Savvy Stylist: Housewarming Party

Reader Request

My fiance and I just made settlement on our first house and we want to throw a housewarming party sometime soon. It'll be relatively casual, but still sophisticated. Can you help me figure out what to wear? I want to be comfy and look nice but not under- or over-dressed.

I think that this look will meet all of your requirements. You'll be chic but comfortable in our picks, which total just $90.62.