29 May 2010

Gone Fishin'!

Hey, everyone,

I'm moving to a new house and will be without internet for a few days. I promise that I'll be back on Tuesday with all new frugal fashions!

Have a great Memorial Day, and thanks for reading!


28 May 2010

Renee Zellweger's Style for $96.00

The Savvy Stylist: Blue Bachelorette

Reader Request

I'm going to a bachelorette party in a few weeks, and the maid of honor has asked us all to wear shades of blue, which is the main wedding color. We're going to a big club, so we're going to be doing a lot of dancing - comfy shoes are a must! Can you help?

This look is perfect for dancing and partying with your friends. It costs just $95.90.

5 Under $50: Fabulous Summer Sundresses

This Monday is Memorial Day, the unofficial start of summer, so here are five adorable summer sundresses to get you through the heat of the season!

Rachel Bilson's Style for $99.46

Reader Request

27 May 2010

Nina Dobrev's Style for $93.95

Reader Request

The Savvy Stylist: Daytime in New York City, Part II

Here's one more daytime look for the reader who is traveling up to New York City this weekend. This outfit cost only $97.38.

5 Under $50: eShakti

eShakti is a wonderful store that sells beautiful, flattering, ladylike dresses. Even better, for just a few extra dollars, they'll custom make the dress to your exact measurements!

Here are some of my favorite dresses from eShakti.

Katherine Heigl's Style for $99.37

25 May 2010

Ellen Pompeo's Style for $99.79

Reader Request

The Savvy Stylist: Carnegie Hall Concert

Reader Request

For Memorial Day weekend, I am going on a trip with my boyfriend and his family to NY to watch his sister sing at Carnegie Hall. There are a couple of catches: I am only going to be there from Saturday to Monday so I do not want to check in a bag. I need a nice outfit for Carnegie Hall, but trendy enough to go out after that won’t wrinkle during travel. And finally, since I am staying with the family I need quick, easy, trendy day looks that are versatile and fit the NY vibe. By the way - comfy shoes are a must! I have a very high arch so my feet start hurting quickly.

Sounds like a great trip! Today, I'll put together an outfit for Carnegie Hall, and I'll have some casual outfits for you later this week. Today's look costs just $99.99

5 Under $50: Summer Plus Size Essentials

Summer time doesn't always mean the living is easy for us plus size girls who want to keep our cool without running around in short skirts and skimpy tanks. Here's five great summer essentials - all plus size, all under $50 from Old Navy.

Buy It Here:

Cameron Diaz's Style for $96.76

Reader Request

24 May 2010

Gwen Stefani's Style for $97.72

The Savvy Stylist: Sex and the City Movie

Reader Request

In a few days, my friends and I are renting a limo and going to see the Sex and the City movie on opening night, and then afterwards, we're going out for drinks. We're all going to wear outfits that are inspired by the characters, so I'd like to wear an outfit worthy of Carrie Bradshaw. But I'm a size 16, so I need something that will fit me. What do you suggest?

This look just screams "Carrie" with the flower pin and amazing shoes. The whole shebang costs just $96.04.

5 Under $50: ThreadSence

ThreadSence.com is an online shop dedicated to those who love the indie-urban fashion and culture. Here are some of my favorite pieces from this trendy, hip store.

Mandy Moore's Style for $99.29

Reader Request

18 May 2010

Paris Hilton's Style for $91.49

Reader Request

The Savvy Stylist: Baby Shower

Reader Request

My twin sister is having her first child at the end of August and my mother is throwing her a baby shower. I would like a fun summer dress, but I have recently gained a bit of weight and am self-conscious about my body (especially since I will be going home and seeing people I have not seen in a few years!). The shower will be held in July in the South and will be a brunch. Do you have any ideas? Thanks!

This look is festive and summery, and the dress is feminine and flattering. The ensemble costs $95.78.

5 Under $50: Alainn Bella

Alainn Bella is a brand-new online boutique. To celebrate their grand opening, they've provided a special discount code to Fashion Under $100 readers. Enter the code fashionunder100 at checkout for 20% off of your order (expires May 31, 2010).

Here are five of my favorite items from Alainn Bella:

Audrina Patridge's Style for $98.75

17 May 2010

Pink's Style for $92.43

Reader Request

The Savvy Stylist: A Sad Event

Reader Request

I just recently learned that my grandmother is not doing well and we are not expecting her to make it through the summer. With everything going on with trying to settle things before she passes I have not had a chance to look for a dress for the funeral. I will be flying in and would like to not have to check a bag, so I am looking for a dress that I can wear to the family night and the funeral without it being obvious that it's the same dress! Do you have any suggestions?

I'm so sorry for what you're going through. At a sad time like this, the last thing anyone feels like doing is worrying about clothing. This look is appropriate for both events. Wear the dress and shoes and carry the handbag to both events. Wear the scarf to one event and the belt to the other. The whole look costs just $98.29.

5 Under $50: Frankie's On the Park

Frankie's on the Park is a new fashion boutique out of Chicago, and they've shared a coupon code with Fashion Under $100 readers. Use the code ilovefrankies when you check out for 20% off of your order*.

Here are five fabulous pieces from Frankie's.

*Code is good through May 31, 2010

Camilla Belle's Style for $98.89

Reader Request

14 May 2010

Anne Hathaway's Style for $99.74

Reader Request

The Savvy Stylist: 25th Birthday

Reader Request

I'm turning 25 in a few weeks and my friends are taking me out for a night on the town. I need an outfit that's fun and festive. I'd like to wear a dress but it doesn't have to be a fancy one. But, since we'll be bar hopping all night, I need comfy shoes - either flats, wedges or low heels.

This dress is light and versatile, and the black wedges will make walking a cinch! The look costs just $95.09

5 Under $50 - Etsy Week: Necklace

To wrap up Etsy Week, here are five unique, fabulous and affordable handmade necklaces.

Ginnifer Goodwin's Style for $98.78

13 May 2010

Debra Messing's Style for $98.74

Reader Request

The Savvy Stylist: Graduation Day

Reader Request

I will be graduating from grad school in a few short weeks, and need an outfit idea. I hate wearing dresses, so I plan on wearing nice black or dark gray pants. However, I need help with the top, shoes, accessories. I'd like the top to be something sophisticated but not revealing, because even though I will be wearing my gown on top for the graduation itself, I do not plan on wearing it the entire day. I'll be running around beforehand, helping organize a few things in connection with the ceremony. The graduation ceremony itself is indoors, but right outside the building is a lake, and afterward, everyone usually takes their pictures with the lake in the background.

Congrats on finishing grad school! This look is versatile enough to take you through your busy day, and it costs just $94.13.

5 Under $50 - Etsy Week: Earrings

Etsy is always my #1 destination for gift-giving because there are so many talented jewelry designers who sell their unique pieces for a steal. Here are five amazing pairs of earrings, all under $50!

Mariska Hargitay's Style for $97.66

12 May 2010

Online Sample Sales: Save on Designer Items

Online sample sales are the best way to get your hands on designer items without spending a fortune. Here are some of my favorite sample sale sites, and links to how you can sign up to get the skinny on the best deals. Check them every day, because they're always updating their sales.