30 November 2011

Gift Guide: The Shoe Fanatic

We all know at least one woman whose shoe obsession rivals Carrie Bradshaw's. Well, here are some shoes she'd love to find under the tree!

Shop Now:
Black Pumps $50 // Studded Flats $100 // Yellow Pumps $92 // Red Flats $35 // Taupe Bows $95

Personal Shopper: Colorblock Pumps

Hi! I need some help putting an outfit together around these amaaazing colorblock platforms I just bought. I go out on the town pretty often, and I like to try creative, fun outfits when I do, but I can't seem to figure out what to pair these with except something plain (read: black). Any better ideas on how to rock them? 

Those shoes are indeed amazing, and here's a look that will do them justice!

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Top $50 // Skirt $40 // Shoes $49 // Clutch $50 // Bracelets $22 // Earrings $18

Celebrity Copycat: Nicky Hilton Style

A simple black coat, red skinnies, and adorable leopard loafers? Yes, please!

Shop Now:
Coat $35 // Jeans $50 // Shoes $66 // Bag $30 // Sunglasses $24

29 November 2011

Gift Guide: The Oenophile

Here are some fun, practical and frugal gifts for the person who is absolutely passionate about wine.

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Girl Crush: Lady Gaga

It took me a long, long time to come around, but I have to admit, I'm a Gaga fan. I don't usually listen to pop music, but hers is so damned catchy. And while sometimes her outfits have been kind of gross (cough*meatdress*cough), lately, she's been looking absolutely incredible, like an eccentric and incredibly wealthy high-society matron. See what I mean:

But let's get real: most of us normal people wouldn't feel comfortable prancing around town in looks like these. But it's pretty easy to Gaga-fy your wardrobe. Try these affordable pieces that Gaga herself would endorse.

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Sunglasses $22 // Hat $115 // Shoes $60 // Coat $45 // Jacket $70 // Necklace $17

Celebrity Copycat: Katherine Heigl Style

I love how a simple look is elevated to a glam night-out outfit by adding a sparkly blazer. Very chic!

P.S. Yay, straight hair! Much better, fresher, and younger than last time.

Shop Now:
Jacket $89 // Tee $15 // Jeans $35 // Booties $88 // Bag $15 // Earrings $14

28 November 2011

Gift Guide: Your BFF

Well, now that Thanksgiving has come and gone, it's time to kick off this year's Holiday Gift Guide! To start, here are some gifts for your best friend.

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Topshop Sweater $80 // Kate Spade Earrings $48 // Jo Malone French Lime Blossom Fragrance $55 // J. Crew iPhone Case $25 // "Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me" (And Other Concerns)" by Mindy Kaling $15 // Hansel from Basel Knit Chevron Bag $35

Personal Shopper: Pearl Necklace

I desperately need your help. My mother-in-law bought me a pearl necklace as a present and I really don't know how to wear it. I definitely have to wear it, but it's not my style - it's too classy for me. Do you have an option of a chic but not too classy style so I can wear it when I go to dinner at her house? It's going to be a dinner only with family.

If you're not really the pearl necklace type, why not wrap the necklace around your wrist and layer it with some other bracelets for a festive arm party?

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Celebrity Copycat: Eva Longoria Style

I wish that I was tiny so that I could wear a big furry vest without looking like Sasquatch. I also wish that I could look this chic at the airport!

Shop Now:
Vest $75 // Top $12 // Leggings $18 // Boots $90 // Sunglasses $17 // Earrings $2

27 November 2011

Sunday Splurges: Sparkly Party Dresses

It's officially holiday party season, so here are some sparkly and pricey party dresses. Swoooooooon!

Shop Now:
Gold Alice + Olivia $600 (similar here) // Silver Donna Karan $2,010 (similar here) // Ombre Matthew Williamson $4,290 (similar here) // Black Issa $1,495 (similar here) // Black & Gold Rachel Zoe $495 (similar here)

26 November 2011

What I'm Wearing: Job Interview

I lost my job last week. I don't have much to say about the whole deal besides the fact that I knew it was coming for quite a while and it was disappointing and stressful, but I'm okay with it and I'm looking forward to finding something new and fabulous (although, since I'm a big fan of networking, I suppose I should put it out there that if anyone knows of an online marketing or social media position, either in or near Philly or something that would allow telecommuting, send it my way at whatthefrockblog@gmail.com.)

Okay. Enough about that. This is a fashion blog, right?

I had a job interview last week, for a social media position at a retail/fashion brand. An acquaintance of mine works there, so I contacted her beforehand to find out the dress code of the company. She said that the company was super-casual, and that I wouldn't need to wear a suit to the interview. And this was a relief, since I don't own a suit!

Here's what I wore. It's professional and polished, but stylish, and I didn't feel like I was wearing a "business lady" costume like I usually do when I go on interviews.

Shop Now:
Cardigan: Nordstrom (similar here, here) // Dress: Target (similar here, here) // Belt: Target (similar here, here) // Tights: Unknown (similar here) // Necklace: Etsy Seller Lala Design Studio (similar here) // Shoes: Missoni for Target (similar here, on eBay here)

25 November 2011

Inspired by: Glee's Adele Mash-Up

I have a major love-hate relationship with Glee that maybe I'll go into someday. But this Adele mash-up from a few weeks ago was one of the best performances on the show to date, in my opinion. Unfortunately, it's not embeddable, but you can watch it here on YouTube. Santana + Mercedes = amazingness. They should just sing every song on the show.

Beyond the performance, I really dug how all the girls wore mismatched black dresses. I can see this working on some bridesmaids at a really chic wedding, but everyone, bridesmaid or not, needs a good LBD, no?

And, since it's Black Friday, here are some fabulous black dresses. Which is your favorite?

Shop Now:
1. Target $40 // 2. JILL Jill Stuart $140 (Brittany's Dress) // 4. David's Bridal $50 // 4. Lulu's $60 // 5. Unique-Vintage $116 (Mercedes' Dress)

Not pictured (too pricey): Santana's Kate Spade dress 

Personal Shopper: Purple Blazer

I wanted to see if you could offer a little advice. I have a purple blazer that I love, but I just have no idea how to wear it!  What do I pair it with?  I would like to figure out a casual day look and a work look.  I work in an office that I mostly wear dress pants and cardigans or jackets.  How do I incorporate this lovely purple blazer into that type of environment?

I think that this is actually a really easy item to incorporate into your wardrobe. For a casual day look, I'd go with wide-leg dark jeans, heeled loafers, and a simple top with a cute scarf, or with skinny jeans and cute little flats. For work, I think that you can wear this however you'd wear a black jacket. Here's an example that I hope you love!

Shop Now:
Blazer $168 // Top $30 // Pants $36 // Shoes $33 // Bag $50 // Earrings $17

Celebrity Copycat: Rachel Bilson Style

Okay, Rachel Bilson. If you don't stop being so damned cute, I'm going to have to start hating you! In the meantime, I'll just copy your outfit. Get it from Urban Outfitters, Madewell, Amazon, Aldo, American Apparel and NY&Co.

Shop Now:
Blazer $89 // Tee $20 // Jeans $74 // Shoes $35 // Clutch $28 // Hat $18

24 November 2011

Wishlist: Forgiving, Stretchy Items

Happy Turkey Day, What-the-Frockers! I'm taking it easy today with just one post so that I can spend the day with turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie my family, but I wanted to wish you a happy Thanksgiving and to post a quick, very appropriate Wishlist: forgiving garments that you can wear while you stuff your face, and not feel like you're going to burst out of them when you're done

So here are some items that are comfy and stretchy, but are elegant enough that you don't look like you're wearing your jammies or gym clothes.

Shop Now:
Jeggings $30 // Sweater $20 // Dress $30 // Skirt $23

23 November 2011

Inspired by: Amélie

The day after I returned home from my first trip to Paris, back in 2001, a good friend of mine emailed me about Amélie. She said "You HAVE to see this movie!" And I did, and it was incredible. I don't want to give too much away if there are some of you who haven't seen it yet, but I can tell you that it's a sweet, whimsical and heartfelt story featuring an adorable heroine and her life in Paris.

One of my favorite things about Amélie is the art direction. This is a beautiful, beautiful film, with deep, rich, color - especially reds and greens.

So here are some items that remind me of Amélie herself (portrayed by Audrey Tautou) and the film itself.

Shop Now:
Chemise $78 // Earrings $18 // Umbrella $26 // Shoes $35 // Lipstick $5 // Dress $90

Guest Post on Glitter and Ganache

I'm guest posting on my friend Tabitha's wonderful blog Glitter and Ganache today. Check it out!

(And check her whole blog out - she's awesome!)

Personal Shopper: Living Room Wedding Reception

I have a bit of a unique event this weekend.  A friend got married in September but had a very small wedding... family only.  A mutual friend is throwing him a wedding "reception" at her house.  She wants it to be formal (as if we had actually gone to the wedding) but it will be in her living room.  What does one wear to an event like this?

In this day and age, hardly any weddings are truly formal, so I think that cocktail attire will be fine, especially for a party at someone's house. I think that this outfit will be perfect for the reception!

Shop Now:
Dress $40 // Belt $11 // Shoes $40 // Clutch $31 // Earrings $18 // Ring $25

Celebrity Copycat: Olivia Palermo Style

Once again, Olivia has totally nailed it. I am loving this polished, 70's-inspired ensemble. Get it for less from Zara, Lord & Taylor, Aldo, Target, Urban Outfitters, Wet Seal and NY&Co.

Shop Now:
Top $60 // Pants $59 // Belt $14 // Shoes $33 // Bag $40 // Necklace $9 // Scarf $23


22 November 2011

Fashion Redemption: Rooney Mara

I can assume that Rooney's hair looks like this because she's filming the second Dragon Tattoo film, and that's just fine. It's a hard cut to pull off, but she pretty much rocks it. Unfortunately, the rest of her look is a disaster. Her lipstick is way too dark and harsh when paired with a soft dress. The dress is ill-fitting and completely blends in with her pale skin. And the shoes are at best uninspired, at worst BO-RING.

Here's a look that will be much more flattering to her shape and coloring.

Shop Now:
Dress $68 // Shoes $49 // Bracelets $17 // Earrings $15 // Lipgloss $24

Girl Crush: Elsie from A Beautiful Mess

Elsie from A Beautiful Mess is one of the hardest working bloggers I've ever seen. She blogs, she owns and manages an adorable shop, and she's always involved in styling shoots, DIYs and other fun stuff.

Her style is just adorable, too.

Here are some über-adorable, girly pieces that I bet Elsie would love.

Shop Now:
Earrings $26 // Top $50 // Tights $15 // Dress $75 // Shoes $48

Celebrity Copycat: Jaime King Style

Jaime has a very delicate beauty, so she looks best in simple outfits like this - she looks just lovely. I can even forgive the matchy-matchy shoes, usually a no-no in my opinion. Get this look for less from Ruche, Endless and Dillard's.

Shop Now
Dress $60 // Shoes $50 // Earrings $16

21 November 2011

Haiku Contest: Enter to Win 5 Pieces of Zad Jewelry

And it's time for yet another giveaway. This time, one lucky winner will get five pieces of jewelry from Zad - three bracelets, an adorable owl ring, and some dangly earrings.

This time, though, I'm going to make you work for it! Instead of just commenting on this post, I want you to write a fashion-related haiku (read this haiku how-to if you're not sure how to write one) and leave it in the comments. Make sure that it follows the 5-7-5 pattern, and that it has something to do with fashion.

The contest ends at 12:01 a.m. on November 30th, 2011. Winner will be chosen at random.

Personal Shopper: Office Holiday Party

I was recently hired by a nonprofit organization, I don't start until after Thanksgiving but I've been invited to their pre-Thanksgiving office party. This will be my first time meeting most of my new coworkers and I want to make a great first impression. The office is business casual and I think I want to wear a work-appropriate dress but I'm having trouble finding the right one. Also I'm tall and not sure about wearing heels, I don't want them to think I'm a giant or I tower over them! Can you help??

I hope I'm not too late on this one - I've been so backed up with requests lately, but even if you don't have time to buy these items, at least you could use this as inspiration. It's a professional look that will make a great first impression. The dress is simple and office-appropriate, but the accessories are party-ready without going overboard.

Shop Now:
Dress $90 // Hose $7 // Shoes $38 // Clutch $40 // Earrings $27 // Necklace $2

Celebrity Copycat: Ashley Tisdale Style

 I've been staring at this outfit for a while, and I still can't decide if I like pairing of Ash's white lace dress with those chunky leopard booties. I really can't figure it out. But I do like the items separately, so here are some cheaper versions from Arden B, DSW and Modcloth.

Shop Now:
Dress $89 // Booties $50 // Ring $13

20 November 2011

Sunday Splurges: Satchels

Here are some satchels I wish I could afford, and some frugal facsimiles.

Shop Now:
Mulberry $1,555 (similar here, here) // Z Spoke by Zac Posen $595 (similar here, here) // Chloe $1,895 (similar here, here) // Proenza Schouler $2,295 (similar here, here) // Reed Krakoff $990 (similar here, here)

19 November 2011

Inspired By: Dynasty

I was too young to watch Dynasty when it aired in the 80's, but even as a little kid, I wasn't immune to the show's impact on fashion. The over-the-top glitz and glamour of the show's costumes was notorious.

I could see Beyonce wearing some of this stuff, or Gaga in one of her more "normal" days, but most of us mortals wouldn't be caught dead in these crazy looks. Still, it's pretty easy to tone them down for the rest of us, so here are some items inspired by Dynasty.

Shop Now:
Necklace $30 // Scarf $40 // Dress $70 // Jacket $99 // Earrings $8 // Hat $40

18 November 2011

What I'm Wearing: Yellow, there!

I fell in love with the yellow sweater that I saw Kendi wearing a few weeks ago, and when I clicked her link, it was on sale - score! When wearing something this bright, I try to keep the rest of my outfit fairly low-key.

Shop Now:
Sweater: Loft (similar here) // Pants: Leifsdottir (similar here, here) // Shoes: Seychelles (similar here) // Bag: Free People (similar here, here) // Necklace: Anthropologie (similar here, here)

Personal Shopper: High School Reunion

Reader Request

I have my 10 year high school reunion coming up.  I have new shoes I want to wear with jeans - but need help with top and accessories! Its a cocktail type party at a new hotel in town. I want to look amazing. Help!

I hope you don't mind me saying so, but for a cocktail party, even a casual one, I'd recommend something a bit fancier than jeans. So I put together a look with red trousers instead, but you can easily swap them out for a pair of dark skinny jeans if you like.

Shop Now:
Necklace $60 // Top $46 // Pants $72 // Clutch $20 // Shoes $118

Celebrity Copycat: Nicole Richie Style

Get Nicole's look for less from Lord & Taylor, Von Maur, Arden B, Forever 21, ASOS, Delia's, Wet Seal and Nordstrom.

Shop Now:
Sunglasses $10 // Hat $11 // Sweater $35 // Shirt $48 // Shorts $25 // Tights $5 // Boots $99 // Bag $30

17 November 2011

Inspired By: West Side Story

West Side Story was my mom's favorite movie when she was a kid and she got me hooked on it when I was about twelve years old. Last week, for the 50th anniversary of the movie, Turner Classic Movies had it shown on the big screen in select cities, and my mom and I went to see it.

Guys, it's such a good movie - I highly recommend that you check it out if you get the chance. The choreography is absolutely incredible, but this time around, I was captivated by the costumes. I never noticed as a kid how the Jet girls wore only blue, yellow and orange and the Shark girls wore red and purple. The dresses, circa 1961, are gorgeous and many of them could be worn today.

Here are some dresses that are inspired by these fashionable ladies.

Shop Now:
Purple $77 // Red $118 // White $15 // Yellow $30 // Orange $53 // Blue $60

Wishlist: Kelly Green

I tend to gravitate towards colors without realizing it. Lately, I've been through a red phase and a blue phase, and lately, I've been wearing my few yellow items to death. But I feel a new craze coming on, and it's all about rich, beautiful kelly green.

Shop Now:
Pants $49 // Shoes $32 // Earrings $60 // Dress $40 // Bag $118 // Sunglasses $13

Celebrity Copycat: Miranda Kerr Style

I'm so in love with this outfit: the simplicity, the sleekness, the bold black and white. It's perfection. Get this look for cheap with pieces from Amazon, Topshop, Charlotte Russe, Nordstrom and Mango.

Shop Now:
Top $23 // Pants $66 // Bag $38 // Shoes $30 // Sunglasses $15

16 November 2011

Personal Shopper: Black Tie Gala

Reader Request

I am attending a black tie gala with my boss and several co-workers next month. I am plus-sized and struggling to find something long (per the recommendation of my boss's wife, who has attended this event before) and preferably not strapless (feels too revealing for a work-related event with clients to me) that comes in a larger size. I am willing to spend some money on my outfit but a lot of the prices I've seen are pretty outrageous. Please help!

This outfit is demure enough for a work event, but sophisticated enough to turn heads. I hope you love it!

Shop Now:
Gown $101 // Necklace $16 // Clutch $39 // Shoes $40

Celebrity Copycat: Beyonce Style

I think I say this every time I feature her, but I'm much more a fan of Beyonce's casual style than her red carpet style, which I consider pretty over-the-top. Get this stylish but effortless look for less from Forever 21, Levi's, Old Navy, Nordstrom, and Charlotte Russe.

Shop Now:
Blazer $33 / Top $13 // Jeans $50 // Scarf $18 // Boots $49

15 November 2011

Fashion Redemption: Demi Lovato

I just checked, and Demi Lovato is only 19 years old. So not only is this dress much too revealing, but it ages her terribly. She looks like she's in her late 30's here. And the heavy makeup isn't helping. Nor is the hair. Good god, the hair!

Here is a formal look that's much more appropriate for a pretty young girl.

Shop Now:
Dress $130 // Necklace $30 // Shoes $80

Girl Crush: Sienna Miller

Sienna Miller is one of those lucky ladies who can pull off anything. She can do casual, glam, boho, rocker, edgy, and classic, and always looks incredible.

Here are some pieces that I think Sienna would love.

Shop Now:
Jeans $40 // Sunglasses $8 // Boots $85 // Dress $69 // Bag $40 // Ring $22 // Top $40

Celebrity Copycat: Rachel Bilson Style

How is it possible that a simple sweater, jeans and duck boots looks so chic? Oh yeah, because Rbils looks good in just about anything! (Hate her).

Get a similar look for a steal from Piperlime, 6PM, Target, Urban Outfitters and Fred Flare.

Shop Now:
Sweater $64 // Jeans $80 // Sunglasses $14 // Bag $50 // Boots $35

14 November 2011

Wishlist: Tell Me About it, Stud

A few weeks ago, my friend Tabitha over at Glitter and Ganache posted about her favorite stud earrings, and I was inspired. I used to be exclusively a big earring girl, and I still lurve myself a bold, dangly earring, but there is something so effortlessly sexy about a pair of simple studs. Here are some that I've been jonesing for lately.

Shop Now:
Arrowheads $30 // Keys $43 // Pyramids $32 // Knots $43 // Fleur de Lis $30 // Faceted $8 // Bows $85 // Stars $40 // Owls $28 // Arrows $39

Personal Shopper: Wedding Reception

Reader Request

I recently got married in Estonia where I live, then did the whole thing over in the U.S. where I'm from. My husband is from Ireland and we are having yet another reception in January to celebrate our marriage with his family there, but this time I’m not wearing my wedding dress. I'm afraid the wedding extravaganza of two sets of parties, rehearsals, weddings, post wedding breakfasts, etc. has drained me and now I can’t come up with what to wear for the next one. I need something more casual and short so I can dance but that also still says special and maybe just a little bit bridal? I’m feeling a lack of inspiration, please help!

I always love putting together a more casual wedding look, and this one was no exception (I wish I had a place to wear that dress, because it needs to be in my closet)! I hope you like this look, and congrats on your marriage!

Shop Now:
Dress $75 // Headband $20 // Earrings $2 // Clutch $45 // Shoes $50

Celebrity Copycat: Lea Michele Style

This looks to me like a Rachel Berry costume, but it's absolutely adorable. I love mixed plaids! Get this look for less from Swell, Max Studio, Charlotte Russe and Famous Footwear.

Shop Now:
Cape $98 // Skirt $18 // Tights $11 // Shoes $41

13 November 2011

Sunday Splurges: Lace

Shop Now:
L'Wren Scott Skirt $1,150 (similar here, here) // Bottega Veneta Shoes $690 (similar here, here) // Dolce & Gabbana Top $1,100 (similar here, here) // Carven Dress $989 (similar here, here)

12 November 2011

Contest Winners (and apologies!)

Things have been really crazy around  here and I got backed up on announcing all of my giveaway winners. I'm so, so sorry and promise to keep up with things better in the future.

The winner of the Philosophy Gift Set is Allie. Congrats, Allie! We've already been in touch and I'll be shipping out your prize on Monday.

The winner of the military button earrings from Craft to the Radio is Lisa. Yay, Lisa! Email your shipping address to me at whatthefrockblog@gmail.com and I'll get them to you ASAP.

And finally, the winner of the RGB nail polish from Colleen of There Comes a Yes is Lizzie. Woohoo Lizzie! Colleen will be in touch with you shortly.

Stick around, because I'll have another giveaway shortly.