31 March 2012

Pinspiration: Denim with a Twist of Lemon

Today's Pinspiration is this fabulous outfit from Kara, the blogger behind Unusual Form. Hers is one of my favorite fashion blogs, because everything she wears is affordable, accessible, and appropriate for real life.

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Shirt $37 // Skirt $59 // Belt $23 // Shoes $22 // Turquoise Necklace $8 //
Blue Necklace $48 // Bracelet $3

30 March 2012

Celebrity Copycat: Kate Moss Style

It's been a long, long time since I've featured Kate Moss, and for her triumphant return, here's an outfit that surprised me. It's a polished and a little bit preppy casual look, something that I'd expect to see on, say, Reese Witherspoon instead. But Kate manages to look a little bit rock and roll even in this.

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Shirt $38 // Jeans $78 // Belt $5 // Shoes $33 // Clutch $28 //
Earrings $15 // Necklace $24 // Sunglasses $8

Roundup: The LBD

How many LBD's do you have in your closet? Do you think you can make room for another? Here are some versatile and classic little black dresses that you could wear just about anywhere!

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Sequin $80 // 3/4 Sleeves $50 // Strapless $45 // Sheath $40 // One-Shoulder $100 // Pleated $50

Personal Shopper: Engagement Photos, Part II

Reader Request

Yesterday, I put together a casual look for a reader who is getting engagement photos taken this summer. She also requested a dressier look.

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Dress $90 // Shoes $23 // Bracelets $9 // Earrings $8

Celebrity Copycat: January Jones Style

January has been out and about a lot lately, promoting Mad Men, and this was my favorite outfit from her recent publicity tour.

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Blazer $30 // Top $13 // Bandeau $13 // Pants $89 // Shoes $30

29 March 2012

Celebrity Copycat: Mandy Moore Style

Mandy is really nailing that whole sunny, cheerful California girl style, isn't she?

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Dress $65 // Shoes $59 // Belt 425

Fashion Redemption: Christina Hendricks

I think that Christina Hendricks is by far one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood today (sidenote: so does my husband, who practically drools when we watch Mad Men). But she doesn't seem to be able to dress herself. Yes, big boobs are a challenge - I know this firsthand - but with her, she's either covering them up with frumpy high-necked garments, or shoving them up to her chin in a too-tight strapless number.

She always looks fantastic when she's decked out in her Joan Holloway-Harris wardrobe, so I think she should stick to those shapes as well - sheath dresses, scoop necks, and pencil skirts. If she keeps her hair and accessories current, she won't look like she's in 60's costume. Like this:

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Dress $50 // Shoes $50 // Clutch $32 // Earrings $38 // Ring $22

Personal Shopper: Engagement Photos, Part I

Reader Request

I'm getting my engagement pictures taken in June, and need some serious help figuring out what to wear. I HATE being photographed, so I'd like to feel extra cute to make up for it, while still wearing something that won't shock my grandmother when she gets our save the dates. I'm 5' 7" and about 125 pounds, and would need something casual (so, jeans / shorts) and something slightly dressier. To make it a bit harder, I'll be in Phoenix, so its going to be HOT, but I'm not a fan of anything super short. I'm looking to spend about $250 on the two looks. 

Today, I'll post the casual look and I'll give you a dressy look tomorrow. To keep the budget down, I'm not going to include a handbag, since you most likely won't be carrying it in your photos anyway. I'm keeping both looks very simple, as that's what photographs best. Congrats on your engagement!

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Top $16 // Jeans $15 // Shoes $27 // Earrings $3 // Necklace $15

Celebrity Copycat: Alexa Chung Style

If I had to describe Alexa's style, I'd call it "awkward chic." On paper, the outfits she wears shouldn't work, but more often than not, she pulls them off.

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Cardigan $40 // Tee $35 // Skirt $63 // Sandals $33 // Tote $44 // Sunglasses $32

28 March 2012

Celebrity Copycat: AnnaSophia Robb Style

I must be living under a rock, because until this week, I didn't know that they were making a TV series called The Carrie Diaries, a prequel of Sex and the City, that is all about Carrie's teen years in the 80's. Am I the only one who didn't know about this show?

I liked SATC but haaaated the movies (I'd explain but I'd get all long-winded and ranty and nobody wants that), so I think that another show is just beating a dead horse at this point. Still, now that some photos have been leaking, I've been getting a kick out of the outfits worn by the new (old?) Carrie, played by AnnaSophia Robb. This is supposed to be an 80's look, but it wouldn't be out of place today, would it?

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Top $45 // Shorts $21 // Shoes $23 // Bag $19 // Bracelet $58

Roundup: Simple Flat Sandals

During the summer, I practically live in simple, comfy, flat sandals. They go with everything - jeans, shorts, dresses, skirts - and it's easy to find them on a budget. Here are some of my favorites for this year.

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Tan $81 // Turquoise $29 // Coral $29 // Yellow $82 // Blush $69 //
Red $80 // Black $23 // Gold $36

Personal Shopper: Tiffany Scarf

Reader Request

I'm a big fan of your blog and, I often wonder if i am your only fan in Morocco :-)? I discovered your blog when I was a student in the US and now I still follow your blog all the way to Casablanca :-). I have a question regarding a a gift I received, and I was hoping you could help me find a nice way to wear it. It's a Tiffany ribbon scarf in white and blue. I don't know if i should wear it with a white shirt or dress, how to tie it around the neck? Wear it as a belt? or should i just tie it with my purse :-)? Thanks in advance!

Thanks for reading! I love when I hear about readers from all over the world!

With a simple, classic and feminine outfit like this one, you could wear the scarf any way you like - as a headband, around your neck, as a belt, or tied around your waist. I personally like the belt option best, but wear it however you feel comfortable. Good luck!

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Shirt $15 // Skirt $50 // Shoes $50 // Scarf $75 // Bag $50 // Earrings $28 // Sunglasses $25

Celebrity Copycat: Vanessa Hudgens Style

This morning's Celebrity Copycat is a request from a high school senior who wants to copy Vanessa's look for her upcoming prom. I have to say, Vanessa looks fantastic here, especially for someone who's been incredibly disheveled lately.

Of note: this dress is much pricier than what I'd usually feature, but the reader said she's got a budget of $400 total. If anyone wants an even cheaper version of this dress, there are a ton if you Google yellow chiffon strapless maxi dress, but most of them look like they're from replica websites, so I can't speak to their quality.

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Dress $278 // Shoes $40 // Clutch $22 // Bracelets $9 // Ring $5 // Earrings $18

27 March 2012

Celebrity Copycat: Kaley Cuoco

Kaley Cuoco doesn't often get it right, but this is absolutely adorable. I think i found her exact dress from ASOS, and those Miu Miu glitter booties are highly covetable. I want.

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Dress $56 // Shoes $23 // Headband $18 // Earrings $38

Inspired By: Megan Draper

Man, last weekend was just TOPS when it came to pop culture, no? The Hunger Games came out on Friday (did you catch my roundup of Capitol fashion?), and Mad Men finally, finally, FINALLY returned on Sunday night.

I wasn't sure how I felt about Megan at the end of last season, but last night, I fell in love with her. I've always been a fan of everything 60's, so she totally won me over by singing a French yé-yé song in the sunken living room of their fabulously mod apartment with their eclectic and charming friends, while dressed like a younger, sexier version of the already sexy Mrs. Robinson from The Graduate, which happens to be my all-time favorite movie.

Basically, she's all-around awesome, and I've got a fictional girl crush.

I was inspired by her look, and was desperate to recreate it. Here's a version of the new Mrs. Draper's absolutely fabulous outfit.

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Dress $45 // Pantyhose $22 // Shoes $24 // Earrings $48 // Ring $24 // Eyeliner $20


Personal Shopper: Non-Slutty Vegas, Part II

Reader Request

Yesterday's reader, who wanted help on what to wear to Vegas, also asked for help for her friend.

My girlfriend will be with me and she could use some advice too. She likes to disguise her mid section and likes to show off her long/ bangin' legs (She has great legs!)

A flirty dress with a bit of volume is the perfect solution for hiding a midsection but showing off the gams.

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Dress $65 // Shoes $40 // Clutch $34 // Necklace $38 // Earrings $19

Celebrity Copycat: Victoria Beckham Style

If memory serves, this is the most casual I've ever seen Victoria - or at least top 3. And she looks great! It's the perfect outfit to wear on a laid-back spring day.

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Tank $25 // Jeans $25 // Shoes $21 // Bag $45 // Watch $25 // Sunglasses $10

26 March 2012

Celebrity Copycat: Reese Witherspoon Style

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Dress $53 // Shoes $124

Inspired By: The Hunger Games Capitol Fashion

Unless you've been living in the woods, I'm sure you're aware that The Hunger Games came out last week. I saw it on opening day, and I thought it was a really fantastic adaptation of the novel. 

But this isn't a movie review site, it's a fashion site, so of course I'm going to talk about the fashion of the film. Katniss and her friends and family in District 12 wear dingy, utilitarian clothing, that's not the case when it comes to the residents of the evil Capitol.

Now, the fine sartorial choices of the Capitol residents are really due to the fact that they are shallow, materialistic, and incredibly vain, but hey - it makes for some really fun fashion inspiration. 

Actually, I'm reminded more than a little bit of Lady Gaga. What do you think?

While most of us wouldn't want to wear something this extreme, here are some pieces that remind me of the fashionable Capitol of Panem.

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Bolero $15 // Brooch $4 // Eyeshadow $20 // Gown $115 // 

Personal Shopper: Non-Slutty Vegas, Part I

Reader Request

note: the title of this post comes from the subject line of the request email - I thought it was too funny to change!

So, I'm going to Vegas in May and I want to be able to go out, look cute, put together, but not show my ass cheeks. I don't mind showing body parts, but would like to be able to wear a regular bra if possible. I don't like cleavage, but do like a tight waist. I want to be able to wear pumps, but not crazy high...
I feel too casual in flats.  Any suggestions?

This reader also asked for suggestions for her friend who will be traveling with her, and I'll post an outfit for the friend tomorrow. Here's my suggestion for cute and festive - but not slutty - Vegas style. The leopard print and bright shoes can be considered saucy, but the dress itself has a feminine silhouette.

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Dress $72 // Belt $42 // Shoes $68 // Clutch $30 // Earrings $20 // Ring $20

Celebrity Copycat: Miranda Kerr Style

As I always say, Miranda is one of the best when it comes to street style. But she also looks very nice in this flirty red frock. I'm willing to bet that she's on duty for Victoria's Secret here, because that's where I found the dress!

Shop Now:
Dress $60 // Shoes $50 // Bracelets $2

25 March 2012

Celebrity Copycat: Emily VanCamp Style

There's a part of me that gets excited whenever I feature a celeb for her first time. So welcome, Emily VanCamp. I've never seen Revenge but everyone is telling me it's a fabulous guilty pleasure. And doesn't she look cute here? Pairing yellow sandals with that navy dress was inspired!

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Dress $50 // Shoes $26 // Earrings $9

24 March 2012

Weekend Link Love

Here are some of my favorite links this week.

Loving this DIY colorblock clutch from P.S. I Made This.

Refinery 29 offers some cool bang-styling ideas.

I love these drop pendants on Making it Lovely.

The dress is nice, but Tuula's sandals need to get on my feet like now.

I wish that I could rock messy hair like Blonde Bedhead does.

I'm so jealous of CaliVintage's Hawaiian vacation.

Slaves to Fashion talks about the style from the upcoming season of Mad Men.

Fashionista is excited about Coach's new collection, and so am I. Sayonara, played-out logo bags!

Jennifer Westfeldt looks gorgeous in her Kate Spade dress but I'm more jealous of her arm candy.

Even more Mad Men madness: Keiko Lynn guest posts on MyHabit's Fix about fashion inspired by the show.

Pinspiration: In the Trenches

This look from Saucie Glossie is the perfect early spring outfit - I'm in love with the trench, the bag, the shoes!

Shop Now:
Coat $33 // Tee $15 // Jeans $35 // Boots $65 // Bag $73 // Scarf $35 // Sunglasses $6

23 March 2012

Fashion Redemption: Salma Hayek

There is no reason to wear this baggy, unflattering mess. Especially if you're a hot number like Salma.

Here's a much more flattering look.

Shop Now:
Dress $32 // Shoes $60 // Bag $98 // Sunglasses $32

Celebrity Copycat: Kirsten Dunst

So chic, so classic, so ladylike. J'adore!

Shop Now:
Dress $88 // Shoes $70

Roundup: Peplums

Peplums have been sneaking back into fashion for a couple of years, but now they're front and center. Once a feature of 80's power suits, today's peplums are softer and more flattering, but very fashion forward.

Shop Now:
Dress $94 // Romper $59 // Skirt $73 // Top $39

Personal Shopper: Grey Skirt

Reader Request

My New Year's resolution was to add more color to my wardrobe but so far I've been failing miserably, so I figured that I'd ask for the help of my favorite blogger! :) We're having a fancy brunch for my grandmother's 80th birthday, and I want to wear this grey skirt that I wear all the time. But instead of wearing it with white or black, as I usually do, I wanted to see if you could help me wear it with some color instead. 

Cute skirt! It will go with pretty much everything, but I agree that you shouldn't limit yourself to neutrals. With spring's trendiest colors, mint green and coral, you can't go wrong.

Shop Now:
Top $46 // Skirt $43 // Belt $8 // Shoes $38 // Clutch $88 // Necklace $16

Celebrity Copycat: Blake Lively Style

It looks like Boobs Legsly (TM FugGirls) is boobing and legging it up again. But I'm down with this for two reasons. First of all, it's so WARM out (yay!) so why not show some skin. And secondly, I've always said that if I had a body like Blake's, I'd walk around in as little clothing as possible. So show off those boobs and legs, BL!

Shop Now:
Tee $8 // Skirt $14 // Shoes $33 // Bag $30 // Hat $48 //Sunglasses $6 // Bracelet $29

22 March 2012

Fashion Redemption: Amanda Peet

Amanda is so pretty - I don't understand why she insists on wearing such dowdy outfits. Also, I couldn't decide what she reminded me of, so today's post has a poll. Please participate!

And while we're deciding what Amanda resembles, here's an outfit I'd rather see her wear.

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Dress $100 // Shoes $70 // Clutch $28 // Earrings $44 // Bracelets $9

Celebrity Copycat: Heidi Klum Style

After those atrocious coveralls from a few weeks ago, I'm happy to see Heidi looking sleek, clean, modern, and pretty. You can never go wrong with simple black and white.

Shop Now:
Blazer $37 // Tank $6 // Pants $28 // Shoes $48

Inspired By: Mrs. Roper

I've been paying a lot of attention to pop culture of the 80's and 90's in these Inspired By posts, so it's time to give some love to the 70's. I used to love Three's Company as a kid and still get a kick out of the clothing. While Janet and Chrissy (and to a lesser extent Cindy and Terry) were supposed to be the style icons, I always preferred Mrs. Roper. She was a sassy, horny old broad who could rock the hell out of a caftan and who could accessorize like a champ.

While most of us won't be dressing just like Mrs. Roper in 2012 (but if you ever do, please please please send pics!), it's easy to take inspiration from her colorful wardrobe and translate for today.

Shop Now:
Necklace $20 // Bracelet $38 // Shoes $36 // Dress $98 // 
Earrings $28 // Ring $18 // Jacket $78

Personal Shopper: Adult Prom

Reader Request

My friends and I have tickets to a charity fundraiser in May. The theme is Adult Prom and the dress code is "festive black tie." We've decided that we're going to go all out and wear evening gowns, but now I need your help. I've got about $300, maybe $350 to spend, and that includes the gown, shoes and accessories. All the nice gowns that I see are like $500. Do you have any suggestions?

Yup - rent it! You can rent a designer gown from Rent the Runway for way less than it would cost to buy! If you're not into that idea, I've found some affordable gowns here: 1/2/3/4/5/6, but none are as nice as this red Halston Heritage.

Shop Now:
Gown $125 (to rent) // Shoes $28 // Clutch $36 // Bracelet $28 // Earrings $22

Celebrity Copycat: Nicky Hilton Style

Since I'm a comfort junkie, I'm really into this whole bed jacket trend. Anything that can double as jammies is alright in my book.

Shop Now:
Jacket $79 // Tank $18 // Jeans $28 // Shoes $79 // Bag $55 //
Hat $20 // Necklace $28 // Ring $20

21 March 2012

Fashion Redemption: Avril Lavigne

Admittedly, I am super-biased here, as Avril tops my most hated celebs list. But seriously  - she's 27 years old! So, why does she insist on wearing the same type of cheap looking Hot Topic reject junk that she's been wearing since she was a teenager? Why doesn't she try to look just a little bit sophisticated? It's possible to look like a chic adult and still hang onto a rock and roll edge - just look at Kate Moss.

Shop Now:
Dress $21 // Jacket $80 // Tights $26 // Boots $30 // Earrings $20

Celebrity Copycat: Katie Holmes Style

This is one of the best outfits I've seen old Katie in in quite a while - she's right on trend with the printed pants and chambray, and best of all, she's smiling. Yay!

Shop Now:
Shirt $54 // Jeans $40 // Shoes $26 // Bag $47

Roundup: Neon

I've been featuring a lot of color lately, and here I am today with even more. I can't help it; spring has sprung and I crave colors when the weather is warm. Here are some of my favorite neon brights.

Shop Now:
Dress $77 // Sunglasses $6 // Nail Polish $6 // Necklace $62 //
Belt $45 // Earrings $26 // Bag $98 // Shoes $59

Personal Shopper: 21st Birthday in Atlantic City

Reader Request

My 21st birthday is coming up, and my friends and I are going to hit the casinos in Atlantic City. I've obviously never been to the casinos before, so I have no idea what to wear. We're going to do some gambling, have a nice dinner and then go out dancing. I need something fun, but that's comfortable enough to wear for hours and hours. Is there any way I could get away with pants? And since we'll be doing a lot of walking and dancing, and since I'm tall (5'11"), I'd prefer flats. Help?

I have to say, I looooved getting this request, because I went to A.C. for my own 21st birthday! I can't remember what I wore that night, because it was a million fifteen years ago, but I bet it came from Contempo Casuals.

But enough about me. Here's a versatile and comfy but festive look for A.C. And happy birthday!

Shop Now:
Top $30 // Pants $25 // Sandals $25 // Clutch $33 // Bracelets $38 //
Necklace $9 // Earrings $6

Celebrity Copycat: Ashley Greene Style

I like how Ashley used a summery yellow dress to soften up her leather and fishnets. She looks adorable. We've seen this actual dress on Selena Gomez already, so I'm going to show you a similar, slightly more affordable one this time.

Shop Now:
Jacket $98 // Dress $86 // Tights $11 // Boots $49 // Scarf $36

20 March 2012

Fashion Redemption: Ellie Kemper

First the good: Ellie is one of the only things that I like about The Office anymore. She's adorable and very funny. Also, her hair looks fabulous and I wish she'd worn it that way to the Oscars, because I loved her gown but her hair was just so-so.

Now the bad: this is just too twee for words. The fluffiness of the dress and the matchy-matchy pink is just too much. And redheads with pale skin usually look really good in pink, but this pink is too pale and matches her skin too closely.

Here's how I'd re-dress Ellie for her big red carpet event.

Shop Now:
Dress $80 // Sash $50 // Shoes $90 // Clutch $24 // Earrings $20

Celebrity Copycat: Jessica Alba Style

As much as I love seeing what celebs are wearing on the red carpet, I really prefer keeping an eye on their everyday outfits. I definitely appreciate glitz, glamour, couture and high fashion, but I'm a regular person with a boring regular life, and I take more inspiration in a pair of jeans and nice blazer than I do out of an Oscar gown.  So that's why I'm seriously loving Jessica's ladylike, modern, but easygoing ensemble.

Do you prefer red carpet looks or everyday looks?

Shop Now:
Blazer $48 // Top $40 // Jeans $11 // Belt $15 // Shoes $39 // Sunglasses $8

Inspired By: Reality Bites

It's obvious by now that I'm a pop culture junkie, so I'm just going to continue on and on with fashion inspired by TV and movies, m'kay? Today's inspiration comes from the iconic 1994 movie Reality Bites.

Winona Ryder's character, Lelaina, was the cooler-than-thou 90's hipster. And Janeane Garafolo's Vickie was the thrift store maven, dressing in colorful 60's inspired ensembles that are totally wearable today.

Here are some outfits that I'm sure Lainie and Vickie would love. P.S. Who'da thunk that I'd be featuring Janeane Garafolo in two posts within a few days of each other?

Shop Now:
Lelaina: Sunglasses $14 // Dress $66 // Shoes $45 // Bag $32
Vickie: Sunglasses $10 // Dress $55 // Tights $13 // Shoes $50

Personal Shopper: Pregnant Wedding Guest

Reader Request

I have a wedding to go to in a couple of weeks, and I'm having a hard time finding something to wear. I'm 7 months pregnant and have slumming it in frumpy maternity wear for quite a while now. This wedding is the first dressy event I've had since I got pregnant, and I want to look really nice for once. I have a beautiful black dress with a stretchy empire waist that I could probably squeeze into, but I really wanted to wear something bright and colorful. Also, I'm okay with heels but nothing too high. Can you help me figure out what to wear? It's an evening wedding at a country club, cocktail attire.

No, don't fall back on the black dress! This bright pink dress will be perfect for the wedding, and I'm sure you'll look amazing in it.

Shop Now:
Dress $59 // Shoes $100 // Clutch $29 // Necklace $10 // Earrings $22

Celebrity Copycat: Miranda Kerr Style

Like Rosie Huntington-Whitley, Miranda has impeccably chic street style. I love this simple, neutral, casual outfit.

Shop Now:
Jacket $59 // Shirt $45 // Pants $48 // Bag $50 // Boots $39 // Hat $11 // Sunglasses $4