30 April 2012

Frugal Finds: Topshop Vibrant Yellow Flats

In my opinion, a lady can never have too many pairs of flats. They're comfy, they go with almost anything, and in the case of these cuties, they can add a brilliant pop of color to a neutral outfit.

Celebrity Look for Less: Lauren Conrad Style

Reader Request

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Dress $15 // Cardigan $25 // Shoes $23 // Bag $79 // Sunglasses $13 // Necklace $5

Roundup: Put a Bird on It

Yes, it's a trend that Portlandia made fun of last year...

But despite that, bird prints aren't going anywhere, and they make for a fun, feminine and quirky print. So put a bird on it!

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Dress $70 // Ring $55 // Scarf $8 // Bikini $55 //
Clutch $28 // Earrings $30 // Shoes $22

Frugal Finds: Gap Drawstring Hobo Bag

I love a nice, roomy bag.  This one is big enough to be the perfect spring-to-summer carryall, and comes in some really pretty colors - solid and striped!

Personal Shopper: Kentucky Derby Party

Reader Request

I was wondering if you could post some ideas for a cute/classy outfit to wear to a Kentucky Derby party. Large, fancy hats are optional, but if you can't wear one to a derby party, when can you?

I had a really good time looking for hats for this one - I hope you love it!

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Hat $48 // Dress $35 // Shoes $47 // Clutch $20 // Earrings $20

Guest Post on Glitter & Ganache

I'm guest posting on my friend Tabitha's blog, Glitter & Ganache today. Check it out to see how I style this simple LBD four ways with pieces from my closet!

Celebrity Look for Less: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Reader Request

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Shirt $39 // Shorts $57 // Boots $44 // Bag $50 // Bracelets $6 //

28 April 2012

Pinspiration: Trendi

This week's Pinspiration comes from the Finnish website Trendi. How cute is this simple springtime look?

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Top $80 // Jeans $58 // Hat $40 // Shoes $50 // Bag $89 // Belt $25

27 April 2012

Frugal Finds: SheaBay Statement Necklace

I've been obsessed with J. Crew's bubble necklace for months now, but I just can't bring myself to pay $150 for it. Luckily, Etsy seller SheaBay is making very similar necklaces for a much lower price. I think I'll treat myself to the turquoise. Or maybe the yellow. Which one is your favorite?

Celebrity Look for Less: Beyonce Style

Reader Request

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Top $8 // Pants $88 // Shoes $39 // Hat $20 // Earrings $13 // Sunglasses $10

Roundup: Gingham

Are you feeling a little bit country? Why not dress yourself in some gingham? It's the perfect pattern for spring.

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Top $88 // Bag $32 // Shoes $40 // Dress $55 // Bikini $90

Frugal Finds: Modcloth Make Lemonade Bag

Combining colorblocking with neon, this cutie is the perfect spring bag, and it's only $40 at Modcloth!

colorblock neon handbag

Personal Shopper: Mother's Day Brunch

Reader Request

On Mother's Day, my sister and I are taking our mother and grandmother to brunch at Terrain in Pennsylvania, and I have no idea what to wear. It's a nice place but not necessarily a fancy place, so I'm pretty clueless. I've been wanting to try out the printed pants trend...... is that an appropriate place to do it? Help?

I loooooooooove Terrain - it's so beautiful and the food is amazing. You're right, it's not fancy, so you don't have to be too dressy, but since it's a special day, you'll want to look nice. And I think that you can definitely rock printed pants at Terrain. With these florals, you'll blend right into the garden!

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Top $20 // Pants $90 // Shoes $90 // Clutch $28 // Sunglasses $12 // Necklace $8

Celebrity Look for Less: Brooklyn Decker Style

Reader Request

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Dress $48 // Blazer $30 // Belt $11 // Shoes $60

26 April 2012

Inspired By: The Virgin Suicides

Sofia Coppola's 1999 film, The Virgin Suicides, takes place in the 1970's and has a romantic, ethereal feel. The Lisbon sisters' wardrobe was perfect for the film - soft, flowy, breezy, with a muted pastel color palette and lightweight fabrics.

virgin suicides fashion

Here are some pieces that remind me of this beautiful movie.

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Skirt $30 // Dress $69 // Sunglasses $8 // Ring $6 //
Earrings $24 // Shoes $65 // Top $31
virgin suicides fashion

Celebrity Look for Less: Krysten Ritter Style

Reader Request

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Dress $99 // Belt $30 // Shoes $40 // Sunglasses $6

Frugal Finds: Alloy Chevron Maxi Dress

I love fashion that's easy, and there's nothing easier than throwing on a bold yet simple maxi dress. This chevron dress from Alloy comes in red/white and blue/white (and also solid black, if that's your thing) and would look amazing with wedge sandals and a small crossbody bag.

chevron maxi dress

Celebrity Look for Less: Lauren Conrad Style

Reader Request

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Top $44 // Skirt $45 // Shoes $34 // Bag $55 // Sunglasses $8

Inspired By: Megan Draper (Again!)

I've already featured Megan Draper's (already iconic) "Zou Bisou" outfit, but her everyday style is remarkable as well. While Joan, Peggy, Betty and the rest of the Mad Men ladies are slowly accepting the fashions of the mid- to late-60's, Megan has embraced them full speed ahead: the bold colors, the psychedelic prints, the graphic stripes, and the slinky blacks.

It's easy to channel Megan in your everyday style - check it out.

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Floral Dress $20 // Eyeliner $9 // Jacket $110 // Ring $80 //
Top $50 // Chevron Dress $43 // Bikini 38

Frugal Finds: ASOS High-Top Sneakers

Yes, that's right, high-top sneakers are back (case in point: Kate Bosworth). I have the feeling that this is a style that will polarize us - we'll either love 'em or hate 'em. But if you find that you're in the middle, and you're not sure if you want to embrace this trend, why not try it out with a super-affordable pair? These sneaks from ASOS are just $28 and are right on-trend. I'm a huge fan of comfy footwear, so these are right up my alley!

Reader Request: Country Music Festival

Reader Request

This June there is a BIG country music festival near DC that thousands of people go to. I am looking for a comfortable, cute outfit to wear, but it is IMPOSSIBLE to find cute cowboy boots that aren't incredibly expensive. And I've recently lost quite a bit of weight, so I'm looking to show off my thinner silhouette. It'll probably be HOT as well, so a country-themed hat would be nice.

Honestly, I'd stay away from cowboy boots for this event. It's better to wear something comfy and cool on your feet - plus, if you wear a western-inspired hat, adding cowboy boots to the mix might look like a cowgirl costume. Here's what I'd recommend:

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Dress $85 // Sandals $50 // Bag $30 // Hat $15 // Sunglasses $12 //
Necklace $25 // Ring $6

Celebrity Look for Less: Emily Blunt Style

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Dress $36 // Tights $10 // Shoes $49 // Earrings $6 // Bracelet $8

25 April 2012

Frugal Finds: Coral Chiffon High-Low Skirt

Sometimes, when I'm surfing the web, looking for pieces to feature in my outfits or roundups, I come across items that I simply can't ignore, even though they don't fit in anywhere else on the blog.

So, I've decided to create yet another new feature, Frugal Finds, where I'll be showing off some of my favorite deals throughout the day. I'm going to start with this wonderful skirt that touches on a lot of spring's biggest trends; the coral color, the flowy fabric, and the high-low shape. It's only $25 at Loehmann's.

What would you wear with this fabulous skirt?

Skirt $25

coral chiffon high-low skirt

Winners: Accessorize the Dress Contest

Thanks to everyone who entered the Accessorize the Dress contest. I had such a good time reading all of your entries and seeing your suggestions. It was so hard to narrow it down to just one, so I chose two runners up as well.

The second runner up was this look from Paula. I especially love those earrings!

The first runner-up is courtesy of Lauren. The purple clutch looks fantastic with the dress.

But my all-time favorite, and the winner of the $50 gift card, is this bright and beautiful ensemble from Maura. And this was my mother's favorite too!

Congrats, Maura! And thanks to everyone who contributed. I've got a ton of fashion inspiration and I can't wait to show you how I style the dress for my sister's wedding.

Celebrity Look for Less: Whitney Port Style

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Blazer $40 // Top $10 // Pants $57 // Shoes $89 // Bracelet $8 // Necklace $36

Roundup: Fuchsia

Up until fairly recently, I'd never been a fan of the color pink. But then, a couple of years ago, I started falling in love with pale, romantic blush pink, and now, I can't seem to get enough of fuchsia. Or magenta. Or raspberry. Whatever you want to call it, it's a bold, fun, sexy color, perfect for spring and summer.

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Dress $18 // Shoes $51 // Bracelets $8 // Top $59 // Sunglasses $6 // 
Necklace $9 // Ring $28 // Lipstick $32 // Bag $70

Personal Shopper: Housewarming Party

Reader Request

My request is about what to wear for my own housewarming party. My boyfriend and I recently purchased a house together and both of us are inviting our friends together to see the house. There are some people coming that I've never met. I want to be casual, but I also want to be well put together. I think I want to wear a dress. I love heels (the higher they are, the closer to God, right?), but would be open to flats, too if that's what a more casual outfit calls for. I'm 5'1" and of "average" weight--around 115, but I am VERY bottom heavy in the rear, hips and thighs. Any ideas you can throw at me would be very appreciated! Thanks!!

I recommend a bright but casual dress in an a-line shape (which will be the most flattering on you) and some cute wedges - that way, you'll have some height but won't be overdressed. Congrats on your new home!

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Dress $40 // Necklace $34 // Shoes $70 // Bracelets $9 // Earrings $25 // Ring $10

Celebrity Look for Less: Kate Bosworth Style

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Dress $91 // Boots $35 // Belt $40 // Bag $30 // Necklace $16 //
Sunglasses $6 // Bracelet $7

24 April 2012

Celebrity Look for Less: Kate Moss Style

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Shirt $40 // Pants $49 // Belt $15 // Shoes $23 // Clutch $24 // Sunglasses $6 // Necklace $13

Fashion Redemption: Angelina Jolie

Longtime readers might be able to figure out exactly what I'm going to say. Hint: it involves the c-word.

No, not that c-word. I'm talking about color, and the fact that old Angie seems to be deathly allergic to it. My kingdom for a bright, or a print, or at least something beyond taupe and beige. See how nice those neutral accessories look against a deep berry color here.

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Dress $55 // Shoes $69 // Bag $90 // Sunglasses $20 // Watch $45

Personal Shopper: Hiding the Arms

Reader Request

Hi! I am a curvy girl, size 14 L/XL. I love my curves but I feel uncomfortable wearing strapless dresses that show off my arms. I have a wedding to attend next month as well as several other events that will require me to wear a dress. It seems like all the cute dresses are strapless, spaghetti strap or short sleeved. I was hoping you could find a dress that's not or maybe put together an outfit showing how to keep arms covered while still wearing all those cute dresses. Thanks!

I actually had a hard time finding a dress I liked for you that had full sleeves, so I chose to go a different route. A dressy skirt/top combo will work just as well for your events, as long as you pair them with the right accessories.

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Top $15 // Skirt $38 // Shoes $27 // Clutch $20 // Necklace $25 // Earrings $5

Celebrity Look for Less: Gwyneth Paltrow Style

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Shirt $28 // Jeans $40 // Boots $80 // Bag $26 // Sunglasses $6 // Necklace $18

23 April 2012

{Sponsored Post} How to Rock Denim Shorts - from Kohl's and Rock & Republic


Summer will be here before we know it, and we've already started to experience some summer weather, so it's time to rock some denim shorts and capris from Kohl's Rock & Republic. These pieces can easily be dressed up or down. Check out how I styled these two looks with Rock & Republic denim and with other pieces from Kohl's.

Dressed down:

kohl's rock and republic denim shorts

Dressed up:

kohl's rock and republic denim capris

Kohl's provided compensation to me as an incentive to blog about the Rock & Republic launch event. The opinions expressed herein are those of this author, and they have not been reviewed or approved by Kohl's in advance.

Celebrity Look for Less: Kirsten Dunst Style

Shop Now:
Top $20 // Skirt $30 // Sandals $38 // Bag $70 // Sunglasses $6

Roundup: Daytime Clutches

Clutches are traditionally associated with nighttime and eveningwear, but they don't have to be. Here are some fabulous clutches that are perfect for daytime.

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Straw $35 // Wood $48 // Floral $45 // Striped $78 // Green $44 // Brown $98

Personal Shopper: Red Dress

A reader emailed me asking for help styling this fabulous red dress for a formal daytime event.

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Dress $380 // Shoes $50 // Clutch $40 // Headband $24 // Earrings $18

Celebrity Look for Less: Nina Dobrev Style

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Dress $70 // Belt $35 // Sandals $30 // Bag $72 // Earrings $7 // Necklace $8 // Sunglasses $6

21 April 2012

Pinspiration: Easy Peasy

Sometimes, the best outfits are the simplest, as illustrated by this easy peasy look.

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Dress $55 // Belt $23 // Shoes $86 // Bag $38 // Sunglasses $14 // Earrings $25

20 April 2012

Celebrity Look for Less: Katy Perry Style

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Dress $91 // Boots $39 // Bag $78 // Sunglasses $12 // Bracelet $34 //
Ring $6 // Headband $24

Celebrity Look for Less: Dianna Agron Style

Reader Request

Shop Now:
Jacket $130 // Dress $65 // Tights $15 // Boots $47 // Bag $88 // Sunglasses $14

Roundup: Spring Staples - The Rest

I've shown you the tops and bottoms, the shoes and the accessories. To finish up Spring Staples week, here's the rest of it: dresses and outerwear.

Shop Now:
A romantic maxi dress $30
A classic lightweight trench coat $33
A flirty floral frock $60
A timeless denim jacket $80
A brightly colored dress that can go from day to night $25