31 May 2012

I'm on the Tumblr!

I've been wanting for a while to switch my platform to Tumblr, but they don't allow for imports, and there's no way I'm willing to lose 5 years of blogging. But I still love the interaction and built-in community of Tumblr, so I've decided to finally sign up. This blog here will still remain exactly the same, but I'll be posting and reblogging a lot of snippets, photos, random thoughts, etc. over there.

So follow me, won't you? You can also find a link to it over there <--- somewhere on the sidebar.

And if you've got a Tumblr, leave a link to it in the comments so that I can follow you!

Frugal Finds: J. Crew Factory Chiffon Skirt

This is just perfect - a floaty chiffon dress that you can wear in warm weather (with a peach tank and sandals) and again when it gets chilly (with tights, booties and a fuzzy sweater).

Celebrity Look for Less: Tilda Swinton Style

Reader Request

Shop Now:
Top $55 // Skirt $45 // Shoes $40

Inspired By: Yellow Red-Carpet Gowns

When I think back to my favorite red carpet gowns ever ever EVERRRR, there's a definite theme. Here are my top three:

Left to Right: Renee Zellweger in vintage Jean Desses (2001 Oscars), Michelle Williams in Vera Wang (2006 Oscars), Diane Kruger in Jason Wu (2010 SAG Awards)

Flowy. Romantic. Yellow!

While most of us don't like the kind of lifestyle that requires formal gowns on a regular basis, it's easy to channel these beautiful ladies for slightly more casual special occasions.

Shop Now:
Dress $38 // Shoes $38 // Clutch $20 // Earrings $7 // Ring $25 // Bracelet $11

Celebrity Look for Less: Katherine Heigl Style

Shop Now:
Dress $60 // Pumps $25 // Sunglasses $12// Earrings $24

30 May 2012

Frugal Finds: Zara Mini Shopper

A teeny structured bag in a bright kelly green? Yes, please.

Celebrity Look for Less: Pippa Middleton Style

Reader Request

Shop Now:
Dress $50 // Shoes $69 // Clutch $35 // Hat $80

Roundup: The Gap

As long as I can remember, the Gap has had a reputation for simple, timeless classics, but I feel like lately, they've become forgotten among all of the other affordable mall stores out there. As a matter of fact, I can't remember the last time I was in a Gap store. But I was browsing Gap.com the other day, and was surprised at how many cute spring pieces I saw. Here are some of my favorites.

Shop Now:
Shirt $45 // Belt $40 // Dress $60 // Swimsuit $60 // Shoes $29 // Tote $35

Celebrity Look for Less: Kristen Stewart Style

Reader Request

Shop Now:
Top $50 // Pants $49 // Shoes $27 // Bracelet $10

29 May 2012

Frugal Finds: Tilly's Colorblock Wedges

These bright wedges are the perfect summer shoe.

Celebrity Look for Less: Olivia Palermo Style

Reader Request

Shop Now:
Sweater $60 // Shorts $60 // Shoes $21 // Bag $31 // Bracelet $13 // Sunglasses $18

Guy Style: Cory Monteith

Reader Request

Shop Now:
Jacket $46 // Tee $36 // Jeans $34 // Sneakers $50 // Bag $50 // Sunglasses $25

Sponsored Post: Artifact Boutique (with Coupon Code)

I was excited to work with Artifact Boutique for two reasons. First, they are based out of the Philly area, and I'm all about the local love, and secondly, everything they sell is $60 or less!

And now, What the Frock? readers can score some of Artifact's items for even less, because they've created an exclusive coupon code just for you. The code is FROCK. Use it until the end of June for 15% off of your already affordable purchase.

For some shopping inspiration, here are some of my favorite items from Artifact:

Shop Now:
Dress $52 // Top $39 // Skirt $46 // Bracelet $28 // Necklace $36

Artifact provided compensation to me as an incentive to blog about their merchandise and the offered coupon code. The opinions expressed herein are those of this author, and they have not been reviewed or approved by Artifact in advance.

Celebrity Look for Less: Whitney Port Style

Shop Now:
Top $60 // Shorts $69 // Shoes $47 // Clutch $40 // Earrings $6 // Ring $7

28 May 2012

Roundup: Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day! It's the unofficial start of summer, and I'm taking most of the day off because we have family in town. So here's a quick and cheap summer outfit, perfect for today's barbecues.

I'll be back tomorrow with semi-regular posting. Have a great day!

Shop Now:
Dress $18 // Shoes $18 // Bag $19 // Sunglasses $25 // Earrings $17 // Hat $13 // Nail Polish $8

26 May 2012

Pinspiration: Blues and Brights

I just love this look that Tieka from Selective Potential wore a few weeks ago - it's cheerful, flattering, and could be worn to brunch, a night out, or even the office.

Shop Now:
 Top $28 // Skirt $35 // Shoes $65 // Belt $9

25 May 2012

Frugal Finds: Ribbon and Chain Link Bib Necklace

Imagine how great this would look over a plain white tee!

Celebrity Look for Less: Taylor Swift Style

Reader Request

Shop Now:
Tunic $88 // Skirt $50 // Sandals $17 // Belt $20 // Bag $51 // Hat $20

Roundup: Wörishöfer Shoes

Last summer, I snagged a pair of red, vaguely orthopedic-looking wedges for a steal from the Urban Outfitters sale rack, but never ended up wearing them, so they stayed in my closet.

Last weekend, when packing for a weekend in D.C., I threw the wedges into my bag at the last minute, figuring I probably wouldn't wear them. I spent all day Saturday walking around the city in a pair of J. Crew flats, and after a few hours, my feet were killing me. So, when we went out to dinner, instead of wearing the heels I brought with me, I wore the simple wedges. And it was like heaven. I could've walked all night.

The wedges are the German Wörishöfer brand. They did, in fact, start out as orthopedic shoes, and they're not for everyone. But I think they're adorable, and they were soooo comfy. When I got home from my trip, I ordered two more pairs. My feet will be eternally grateful.

Shop Now:
Red $77 // Black $74 // Yellow $60 // Tan $77

Celebrity Look for Less: Kate Bosworth Style

Shop Now:
Dress $52 // Shoes $56 // Bag $25 // Sunglasses $10 // Bracelet $20

24 May 2012

Frugal Finds: Opening Ceremony Saludos OC Espadrilles

I can't afford most of what's available at Opening Ceremony, so I was excited when I fell in love with these striped raffia flats and found out that they were well within my budget. They're incredibly comfy, and super-cute.

Celebrity Look for Less: Eva Mendes Style

Shop Now:
Top $49 // Skirt $79 // Shoes $45 // Bag $44 // Sunglasses $6

Roundup: Geeky

I don't know exactly when nerdy stuff became cool, but I'm glad it did - so let your geek flag fly!

Shop Now:
Tee $25 // Earrings $3 // Watch $25 // Necklace $21 // Tote $23

Celebrity Look for Less: Kristen Stewart Style

Reader Request

Shop Now:
Blazer $30 // Tee $22 // Jeans $65 // Shoes $79 // Bracelet $10

23 May 2012

Frugal Finds: Quiksilver Pareo Dress

In the summertime, I can't get enough of cool, bright, breezy dresses. Here's another one I need to add to my closet, STAT, especially since it's on sale.

Celebrity Look for Less: Dianna Agron Style

Shop Now:
Jacket $29 // Cami $6 // Skirt $65 // Boots $40 // Clutch $35 // Sunglasses $6

Fashion Redemption: Mary Kate (?) Olsen

First of all, I'm pretty sure that this is MK, but I can't be sure, because different sources claimed different Olsens. You'd think that after five years of celebrity blogging, I'd be able to tell those girls apart, but I'm lost.

Now. If an outfit can make a teensy tiny Olsen look big, well, it needs to be fixed.

Shop Now:
Top $15 // Skirt $52 // Sandals $40 // Bag $50 // Bracelets $6 // Sunglasses $32 // Ring $13

Celebrity Look for Less: Eva Longoria Style

Reader Request

Shop Now:
Top $20 // Jeans $72 // Shoes $79 // Bag $70 // Sunglasses $14 // Bracelet $16 // Watch $25

22 May 2012

Frugal Finds: Wild Heart Satchel from Alainn Bella

$95 isn't a drop in the bucket, but some items are definitely worth it - like a neutral satchel that can be carried year-round and worn with anything. This statement bag comes in four neutral colors. Which is your favorite?

Celebrity Look for Less: Lea Michele Style

Shop Now:
Dress $22 // Shoes $50 // Bag $49 // Sunglasses $6

Roundup: Summer Hats

Here's an embarrassing confession: my head is so big that I can't wear most hats (with the exception of chunky knits, which are mercifully stretchy). Once in a while, I find a men's hat that's unisex enough, but sometimes even they don't fit on my giant melon. So I'll just have to live vicariously through those of you who don't have enormous head, because these summery hats are just adorable.

Shop Now:
Red $11 // Cowboy $15 // Porkpie $45 // Printed $13 // Blue $20 // Striped $14

Celebrity Look for Less: Jessica Chastain Style

Shop Now:
Dress $90 // Shoes $38

21 May 2012

Frugal Finds: Zara Long-Sleeved Crochet Top

I am so smitten with this top. The model is wearing it as a dress and it looks amazing, but I think that most of us mortals should pair it with flared jeans or denim cutoffs, wedge sandals, and long beaded necklaces.

Celebrity Look for Less: Amy Poehler Style

Reader Request

Shop Now:
Dress $33// Jacket $98// Shoes $50// Clutch $24

Also, I never, ever do this, but since Adam Scott is my #1 celebrity boyfriend (recently ousting Paul Rudd who'd held the position for 17 years since Clueless), I need to include this as well. Swoon.

Inspired By: Donna Summer

I've never really had a real opinion about Donna Summer's music (or of disco in general), but I was still sad to hear of her death last week. And as I drove home from work that day, the oldies station was playing a retrospective of her career and I realized that I knew every song - and that they were catchy as hell.

But Donna Summer wasn't just a legendary musician - she was a disco fashionista!

So, here are some disco-tastic pieces in honor of Ms. Summer. Hot stuff!

Shop Now:
Dress $70 // Shoes $40 // Sunglasses $5 // Skirt $30 // Eyeshadow $8 // Flower $5 // Top $35

Celebrity Look for Less: Emily VanCamp Style

Reader Request

Shop Now:
Blazer $33 // Tank $23 // Jeans $55 // Shoes $40 // Earrings $5 // Necklace $9

19 May 2012

Pinspiration: Sunshine Yellow

This week's Pinspiration is yet another request. A reader wanted me to recreate this sunny, flowy look from the lovely Gal Meets Glam.

Shop Now:
Dress $88 // Shoes $36 // Clutch $30 // Bracelets $6

18 May 2012

A Quick Note...

Hi there, readers!

I just wanted to drop you all a quick note to let you know that posting is going to be light for the next couple of weeks. We've got a trip, then family in town, and then another trip, which doesn't leave as much time for blogging.

Since the Personal Shopper posts are by far the most time-consuming, I'm going to have to give them up for the next couple of weeks. I still have a few dozen requests in my queue, so I'm sorry to let you down if I miss out on your email. But maybe you can find inspiration in the Personal Shopper archives.

Feel free to continue sending requests, but if you have an event that takes place before mid-June, I probably won't be able to get to it until my busy few weeks settle down.

Thanks for bearing with me!


Frugal Finds: Zara Degradé Skinny Jeans

Statement jeans are all the rage - bright colors, bold florals - but these dip-dyed ombré jeans are a whole new animal. I'm in love!

Celebrity Look for Less: Camilla Belle Style

Reader Request
Shirt $78 // Jeans $49 // Shoes $40 // Scarf $7 // Sunglasses $6 //
Earrings $6 // Necklace $5

Personal Shopper: Singing at a Wedding

Reader Request

My cousin is getting married this summer and she's asked me to sing at their ceremony. I can wear whatever I like, but I don't want to clash with the whole wedding theme. It's a rustic, vintage-inspired afternoon wedding and they're getting married in a barn. I tend to wear dark, tailored dresses but I'd like to wear something a bit more romantic (without looking like I'm drowning in fluff). And I'd like to stand out, but obviously not outshine the bride and her attendants. To make things more complicated, I'm recovering from foot surgery and will need to low heels or flats. Any suggestions?

Why not wear a simple, tailored sheath with a lush, romantic print? This dress and the bright accessories will be perfect for your performance. Good luck!

Shop Now:
Dress $80 // Shoes $65 // Clutch $30 // Earrings $34 // Bracelet $25