11 January 2013

What to Wear: To Look Grown-Up

Today's post is going in a bit of a different direction. I got a really interesting request from a recent college grad who wants to look more like an adult and less like a teen. So, instead of putting together an outfit, I'm going to suggest some stylish wardrobe updates for anyone who wants to look mature without looking stuffy.

Instead of a hoodie, try a cardigan ($50) or blazer ($60)

Instead of low-rise, faded jeans with dated whiskers, find a pair ($45) with a slightly higher rise and a more natural-looking fade 

Instead of faux-Uggs, try a more streamlined pair of comfy suede boots ($79).
Instead of cheap dresses from the juniors' department, try something more sophisticated ($89)

Instead of a graphic tee, try one that's plain ($10) or embellished ($35).

Instead of a teeny tiny neon mini, try something with a more conservative cut and versatile color ($32)
Instead of a novelty tote, get something classic, neutral, and durable ($48)